Best Walkie Talkie for Baby Monitor | Top 5 Two-Way Radios for Baby Monitoring

Peace of mind is very crucial for any parent, especially with small babies. Walkie talkie for Baby Monitors gives an extra eye and ear to the parents. This kind of radio system and baby monitoring device increases your baby’s safety not only while sleeping but also listen to the sound of an infant and toddler at any particular point.

The VOX setting in this type of walkie talkies acts as a kind of a baby alarm. It gets activated with the voice and sends the sound to the receiver. A microphone/ baby unit is placed near the baby and there is a parent unit with a speaker, which allows the parent to talk to the baby, known as “talk-back” function.

Installing one of the receivers in the baby’s crib or within a range would enable the parent or nanny to pick up the sounds on their receiver. Thus, the walkie-talkie in this way practically changes your device in an audio baby monitor.

List of Top 5 Best Two-Way Radios for Baby Monitor: By Best Feature

Buyer Guide to Select the Best Walkie Talkie for Baby Monitor

There are some crucial factors to consider before you buy any radio device for baby monitoring.

1. Sensitivity

This is the most important feature before buying any device. The walkie talkies should pick up the faintest sound coming from the baby’s room. Hearing every little noise can help mommies reach the babies on time. This can be possible if the microphone of the radio has the highest sensitivity levels.

2. Durability 

The gadget should be tough and durable as they have to withstand a fall, spillage of fluids, or water. These occurrences are common in a nursery. So along with the range and price, durability should be taken care of by the parents.

3. VOX function 

It means voice activation. When a baby sleeps, the gadget goes on a standby mode and stops transmission but the microphone attached/placed near to the crib stays active to send signals as soon as it catches the slightest sound coming from the baby. There is no need to push a button to activate the walkie talkie.

4. Battery life and charging

Pick a model with long battery life. You don’t want to run around anxiously here and there either to buy batteries or to check the device’s power levels. Choose a model with dual charging features, i.e., Recharging batteries or plug-in to a power function. 

5. Price

The devices are mostly cost-effective. You don’t need to spend too much on this two-way radio monitoring system. Opt for a model with all the necessary features which a parent needs for audio monitoring the infants.

6. Size

It matters a lot. Small sizes are preferable because of lightweight. The weight of the device with batteries installed should be such that it doesn’t cause a problem while handling and in the situation of a fall. The device should be handy.

7. Additional Features

The room temperature sensor gives you alerts of setting up your home systems following the baby’s body temperatures. Motion sensor, DECT technology which uses low-frequency bandwidth to ensure the clearest sound and saves the baby from harmful radiation. On the other hand, light-up indicator alerts the caregiver, even when the volume is muted on the handset.

Top 5 Best Walkie Talkies for Baby Monitor

Let’s now look at the 5 best walkie talkies for baby monitoring so that you have some excellent options to choose from.

1. TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor Mustang OL

Best for: Sound/ sensitivity feature

With this audio radio baby monitoring device, it becomes simple and easy to look after our babies. The walkie talkie provides 36 channels, which ensure you don’t miss any sound of the infants.

The gadget uses FHSS (Free Hopping Spread Spectrum) digital technology to transit a crystal-clear sound. The acoustics transmission quality works in every home scenario, such as vacuuming and gardening.

The Vibration and sound reminders excellently work together to draw the parents’ attention in case of any emergency. The vibration function could be managed via the volume button on the parent unit.

The package includes one parent and one baby unit. Each unit has a battery compartment. There is an LCD screen on the parent’s unit which displays the baby’s room temperature, night light control, lullaby options, etc.,

This audio baby monitor has a smart appearance. Both units come with a belt clip for an easy carry option. The additional features like temperature sensors showing “LO” and “HI” on LCD or night light adjustments through the parent unit are blessings. It works up to 12 hrs on a single charge.

Product specifications of TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor Mustang OL

  • Smart Design 
  • Vibration 
  • Low Battery and Out-of-range alarm 
  • Long Range up to 1000 ft. 
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Temperature Monitoring and Warning
  • Lullabies, Vibration
  • LCD Display
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Night Light

Pros and Cons of TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby Monitor Mustang OL


  • Innovative FHSS Digital Technology 
  • Durable Product 
  • Good customer service
  • Good range of 150 feet inside and 1000 feet outside
  • Easy two talk


  • No VOX feature
  • Battery life is not very long.

Why is this Best Walkie Talkie for Baby Monitoring?

Time Flys Digital Audio Baby Monitor is a very interactive walkie talkie device with crystal clear sound and super sensitive. With the vital additional feature of temperature monitoring in a nursery, it’s an excellent buy as a radio-gadget for baby monitoring.

2. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

Best for: Low Radiation using DECT technology

Families trust this brand throughout the United States. The DECT technology used in this model ensures low radiation as well as clear sound transmission.

Digital Audio Monitor with DECT 6.0 digital technology provides crystal clear reception of sound, eliminating all other annoying noise you hear as in an analog monitor.

The low radiation or zero radiation technique saves the baby from any harmful effects of radiation causing development delays. The operational range is about 1000 feet in an around the house, which is sufficient concerning baby monitoring.

The audio monitoring set comes with a parent unit and a baby unit. It operates on a rechargeable battery or by AC power and works up to 16 hrs at a stretch. You have an option to talk to the baby through parent units.

Two-parent units can be connected at the same time. Further, the presence of LED lights on the parent unit indicates the sound level in the nursery, so you can monitor noise keeping the receiver muted.

There is a vibration mode to alert you when your baby is fussing. The loop on the baby unit illuminates during the night, which is also adjustable. The included belt clip helps in utilizing the hands-free VOX feature to the caregiver.  

Product specifications of VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

  • 5-level sound indicator 
  • 2-way talk-back intercom
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Dual power (rechargeable Ni-MH battery or AC power)
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in LED flashlights 
  • Range up to 1000 feet outdoor

Pros and Cons of VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor


  • Crystal clear sound.
  • Decent range and battery life.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Compact and portable. 


  • The belt clips can be faulty
  • The battery can drain easily.

Why is this Best for Baby Monitoring?

Highly recommended at this price range. The sound quality is fantastic. The gadget can be easily used from anywhere within the house. Given the Dect technology and other safety monitoring features, it is the best buy among all babies’ audio monitors.

3. USA Toyz 2 Pack Walky Talky

Best for: Compact Size and Lightweight

This Voice-Activated Walkie Talkie by USA Toyz manufacturers is an excellent option for baby monitoring requirements. It’s easy to use, and Parents can use this device without pressing a button.

The walkie talkie includes two headsets that can be used as a parent and a baby unit. In two vibrant colors, blue and yellow, it is designed to attract the baby’s attention.

The gadget works very decently, even in the dark, as it includes a handy LED light. With the light-up LCD screen, even the slightest movement of the baby sends alerts to parents.

With the provision of 22 channels, you can easily scan the frequencies and get a clear reception. The compact size and low weight (only 6.4 Oz) makes it easy to hold and easy to use. It is sturdy and withholds normal wear and tear.

Product specifications of USA Toyz 2 Pack Walky Talky

  • 22 channels and 99 sub-channels 
  • Labeled buttons with earbud jack, 
  • Detachable belt clip 
  • Backlit LCD screens
  • Built-in LED flashlights 
  • 2 miles’ range
  • Hands-free vox box mode  

Pros and Cons of USA Toyz 2 Pack Walky Talky


  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • It comes with a user manual
  • The device has a backlit LCD.


  • Batteries get extremely hot and drain easily.
  • Limited range.

Why is this Best Walkie Talkie for Baby Monitoring?

These walkie talkies are very well designed and easy to use. It is small, sturdy, and durable which are crucial factors for parents while buying a monitoring device for their babies. 

4. Retevis RT45

Best for: Long battery life

Retevis walkie talkie brands dream of providing reliable, stable, and cost-effective communication for families. The in-built features in these gadgets provide diversified usage scenarios.

The models are among the lowest cost in comparison to other models of the same quality. This two-way radio is best in range, technology, VOX function mode, and especially battery life.

With a single charge, the radio works for 10 hrs, but along with the AA Battery, the walkie talkie works for about 29 hours. As a parent, you can freely move around the house doing your routine work while keeping a close tab on your little ones, without fearing the issue of power running-out time.

The seamless connectivity never has an issue of disconnection. It has 10 selective music tones to choose from and a call- end tone too. With the best battery features, it’s a masterpiece among walkie talkie for baby monitoring.

Product specifications of Retevis RT45

  • 22 FRS Channel with 121 sub-codes 
  • Dual watch
  • LCD Display
  • VOX function
  • 10 call tone Alerts
  • Rogger Beep 
  • Keyboard lock 
  • Low battery alarm
  • Easy to use
  • AA Battery and USB charging

Pros and Cons of Retevis RT45


  • Warranty of 2 years.
  • Easy to understand the user guide.
  • Very professional 24 hrs after-sales service
  • It serves as a travel monitor as well as a baby monitor.
  • A baby alarm has an LCD screen. 
  • The range is best for in the house, camping, etc. (less than 2000 feet)


  • Sensitivity is not very great.
  • Belt clips are not sturdy.

Why is this Best Two-Way Radio for Baby Monitoring?

This model two way radio comes with dual charging features, i.e., Recharging batteries or plug-in to a power function, making it the most reliable walkie talkie for baby monitor in terms of battery life.

Caregivers can have a peace of mind performing various tasks as they don’t have to worry about frequent charging of the devices. Moreover, the additional features make it under the top five listed baby monitoring models.

5. Motorola T260

Best for: Value for money

The Motorola T260 walkie talkie can be appropriately used as a baby monitoring device. It is an excellent gadget for your baby’s nursery or anywhere in the home.

With a range of 25 miles, parents can work freely, whether they are in a garden, garage, at the neighbor’s place, or even at the basement. The VOX technology used in this device results in a great performance as speakerphones.

The seamless connectivity and sensitivity alerts through the microphone and display, make it the best value for money option for baby monitoring walkie talkies.

The volume level is adjustable, and low battery alerts help parents to timely charge the device. As a parent, you will find this two way radio easy to use with the belt clip provided.

Caregivers can easily use the navigation setting as per preferences. With 22 channels and privacy options, it is a prudent option for use in your baby’s cradle for quick connectivity.

Product Specifications of Motorola T260

  • 22 Channels and 121 Privacy Codes.
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries 
  • Range up to 25 miles
  • iVOX/VOX Hands-Free.
  • NOAA Weather Channels and Alerts.
  • Dual Power.
  • Micro-USB Charging.
  • 20 Call Tones.
  • Keypad lock
  • Scan/monitor
  • Belt clip and carrying loop

Pros and Cons of Motorola T260


  • Dual power options
  • The range is good for in and around the house 
  • It has a low battery option.
  • Communication is unambiguous


  • Battery issues have been reported sometimes.
  • It’s not waterproof.

Why is this Best Walkie Talkie for Baby Monitoring?

Given their range of connectivity, it’s more than any standard baby monitoring device. It gives a parent, freedom and comfort to carry on his/her chores without losing track and supervision of the infant. The Overall features included in this walkie talkies makes it perfect buy as a ‘Value for money’ product.

Comparison of Top 5 Best Walkie Talkies for Baby Monitor

 TimeFlys Digital Audio Baby MonitorVTech DM221USA Toyz 2 Pack Walky TalkyRetevis RT45Motorola T260
Range1000 feet1000 feet2 miles15 miles25 miles
Battery life12 hrs16 hrs8-10 hrs10- 29 hrs10-29 hrs
RadiationVery lowVery lowTBCTBCTBC
Dual power modeYesYesNoYesYes
VOX modeNoYesYesYesYes
Temperature sensorYesNoNoNoNo
Night lightYesYesYesYesYes


Our well-researched walkie-talkie radios work far better than most of the “baby monitor” systems. Normal baby monitors work well within a house or when you need to receive the signal from downstairs to upstairs. But with walkie-talkies for baby monitoring, a long-range baby listener is a wise pick as the machines have a voice activation feature and good transmission power.

The benefits of using handheld walkie talkies over just a simple baby monitor are that they are more durable and can withstand a fall or drop from a bedside table. They are water-resistant and waterproof, which is a handy feature while dealing with babies’ juices and semi-liquid meals.

And lastly, a gentle reminder that nothing can Substitute your Supervision at any point of the time. As you will agree when I say – babies learn quickly and develop a physical mastery that can land them into trouble now and then. So better be careful and happy parenting!!!!

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