Best Walkie talkie for Kids | Top 11 Best Two-Way Radios for Kids & Buyer Guide

The power of playing improves a child’s ability to plan, organize, and get along with others. As parents, we can enhance their playing environment by adding some exciting gadgets to their toy baskets. One such device can be a two-way radio set or walkie talkies.

Walkie talkies help in communication between kids with their friends and parents from around the garden and with friends down the street and help keep track of little ones when we are out on a family trip. 

Kids walkie talkies vary in size, range, and design. Some models are even designed with unique characters and offer kids hours of entertainment—whether they are playing spies or treasure hunt, a camping trip in the backyard, etc.

Children’s walkie talkies can give your child a sense of independence and security with the safety features, allowing them to quickly contact you from different areas of your home or their friend’s house. 

List of Top 11 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

S No.Walkie talkie ModelSuitable Kids Age Group
1FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies  4+ above
2Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids 8-10 years
3Topsung 3 Walkie Talkies for Kids  8-10 years
4Komvox Toddler Walkie Talkies3-5 years
5GO COM   8-10 years
6Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies for Kids  3-5 years
7Selieve Walkie Talkies for Kids Toys 5-7 years
8Joyfun Walkie Talkies for Kids    5-7 years
9QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkies with FM3-5 years
10Aikmi walkie talkie  5-7 years
11Little Pretender5+years

Buyer Guide to Select the Best Walkie Talkie for Kids

Before we list out the top models for kids walkie talkies, let’s understand the critical factors to be considered while buying the best one for our little ones.

Size and Weight

Practically all walkie talkies are proposed to be portable and lightweight. The device should be small in size—a fact that’s should be a priority while shopping for children.

Though tiny walkie talkies suffer from lower power output, limiting the clarity and range but for younger kids, that’s not an issue as they will be using it in and around the house. So Before deciding on a final model of walkie-talkies, think of how who and where they’ll be used.

Long-lasting battery

If you are gifting your child a walkie talkie, then the first and foremost aspect to look for its battery life. The gadget should hold the charge for hours. Currently, maximum models are equipped with rechargeable batteries along with the disposable battery option.

The models also have an electrical outlet to recharge the device if you have easy access to the power plug. The best choice would be to pick the model which comes with all three options.


Children walkie talkies are designed with durability in mind. Look for a device that is sturdy and has exteriors build with good material. Pick a model with a tough exterior; a child can enjoy the gadget on his own without breaking it.

Easy to use

Kids –friendly walkie talkies should be designed so that it’s simple and easy to handle. The setup and operation should have easy to use interfaces. The model should have straightforward controls.


Children’s walkie talkies are made for residential use. So models with lower range can be picked up, especially for children in the age group of 3-6 years. But if you are out on a family trip with a little older group of kids, opt for a higher range.


All walkie talkies runs on either low(FRS)or ultra-high frequency(GMRS). Unlike adult walkie talkies, kid’s walkie talkies should be selected with a lower frequency radio signal recommended for children.

Radio channels

Walkie talkies models mentions the number of channels and privacy codes it offers. The more, the better, as it will provide fewer interruptions. Do remember that walkie talkies work on a specific frequency, and other people in the same range may be able to join the channel your kid is using.

Thus there can be interference with a stranger’s walkie talkies. Hence to make sure children do not talk to people they don’t know, pick a model with additional privacy codes to reduces the chance of unknown interference.

But the more sophisticated the model, the more will be the price. So keep your budget in mind before selection.

Additional features

Nowadays, many walkie talkies offer more advanced features. Besides being designed for practical use, add-on features like emergency alarm, backlit screen, hands-free use, and other voice effects make the toy walkie talkie exciting. Even the built-in technology should be looked at carefully. The sound enhancement technology makes child walkie talkies more useful.

Top 11 Best Two Way Radios for Kids : Specifications and Other Details

Let’s now discuss our 11 best-researched selection of walkie talkies for kids having a range of various features and designs.

1. FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies

One of the most impressive and popular walkie talkies on the market is that these FAYOGOO walkie talkies are easy to use with a Direct Line to ensure everyone is connected and safe on outdoor adventures & indoor activities.

The device runs on a dual battery option, i.e., AAA batteries, and can also be recharged. There is a provision of a USB cable connection to any wall outlet or a car charger jack.

Other add-on features are its backlit LCD, built-in flashlight, power-saving function, earpiece connection, and ten unique ringtones. The sets also have a VOX function for hands-free usage.

These FAYOGOO walkie talkies have a maximum range of 4 miles in an open field, but in a residential area, the range is closer to 0.5 miles to 1 mile. The product comes with two headsets and 22 channels, and 38 privacy codes to prevent others from interfering with your child’s communication.

The presence of the auto-squelch feature can cut off weak transmissions and unwanted noise. This particular modal will impress you with its durability feature. It has a drop resistance of 1.2 meters. Each FAYOGOO walkie talkie weighs 2.27 ounces and comes in a variety of fun colors.

Specifications of FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkie

  • Suitable for kids of 3 years and above
  • The range Up to 4 miles
  • Equipped with 22 channels and 38 CTCSS privacy codes
  • Frequency: 460-470MHz
  • Keypad Lock Feature 
  • Hands-free Operation (VOX)
  • LED Flashlight 
  • Monitor & Scan 
  • Low battery alert with battery saving function
  • 2 x free-hanging straps included  

Pros and Cons of FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkie


  • Simple Push-to-talk Operation
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design for a firm grip
  • A rechargeable battery can be used.
  • Clear Sound & Strong Signal
  • LED flashlight for night-time illumination


  • Not waterproof 
  • Earpiece not included

Why should you go for  FAYOGOO Kids Walkie?

This is one of the best toys you can gift to your child. The kids will love it for its design and compact size. The ease to use, simple interface, better control, and direct line features ensure that all the little members are well connected. With belt clips and lanyards, the kids will not lose the device while playing outdoors.

2. Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids 

The Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies, with their incredible construction and power-packed functionality, are perfectly designed for kids to remain in touch with nearby parents while playing in the backyard or at the amusement park, or camping.

The Retevis is a powerful brand that has shot up as the industry-leading kids’ walkie talkie brand. It has certain top-notch features making it the best among prevailing brands in kids and adult walkie talkies.

With 22 channels, this modal provides crystal clear sound. It boasts up to 10 miles in open-field settings, but the transmission range may fall to a mile in the residential area.

The device features a keyboard lock to prevent kids from switching channels and to ensure smooth operation. The handset has a durable and robust construction with reasonable battery consumption.

These gadgets can be used hands-free with the VOX mode function. This feature helps you to participate in other actions that would, in other cases, restrict you from pressing the PPT button.

By changing the CTCSS (Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System) settings, parents can prevent strangers from interfering in children’s conversation. The package includes a user manual with clear instructions regarding set up.

Specifications of Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids

  • Suitable for kids of 4-12 years old
  • The range Up to 3 miles on flat land
  • Equipped with 22 channels 
  • frequency FRS platform
  • push-to-talk (or PTT) button
  • Hands-free Operation (VOX)
  • LCD backlit display
  • Monitor & Scan 
  • Channel lock function 
  • Weight is 90 gm

Pros and Cons of Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids


  • Uncomplicated Push-to-talk Operation
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Clear, high-quality audio 
  • easily fit into a child’s hand. 
  • Rubberized exterior, non-slip grip
  • Adjustable volume level


  • Comparatively Pricey 
  • Limited use in terms of range compared to other electronic toys in the same category.

Why is Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkie Best for Kids

With the Retevis RT628 walkie talkies, you can communicate with your kids at the parks or from different parts and floors of the house. The affordable, highly capable gadget has all of the features of an adult walkie talkie.

It is best recommended for independent kids as it looks beyond the toy level and will surpass their expectations in all aspects. 

3. Topsung 3 Walkie Talkies for Kids

The Topsung Walkie Talkies for Kids is very nice looking and built well rechargeable devices. They come with a 3000mAh battery that guarantees long life. This model is designed to cover an extended range of up to 3 Km.

This walkie talkie also boasts of advanced technology that will ensure the safety of your children while outdoors. The advanced features include auto memory, auto squelch function, power-saving, battery gauge alert, and a built-in weather scanning and hands-free operation.

This Topsung set comes with rechargeable AA batteries and a USB cable to charge your walkie talkies through a wall outlet, car charger, or power bank. This lowers your expense on batteries.

Made from environmentally material and is safe for everyone. The walkie talkie is compact and possesses a simple push to talk operation.

Equipped with a belt clip to enable easy storage, Topsung walkie talkies are perfect gifts for children for outside activities like climbing, shopping, hiking, fishing, cycling, wild Adventure, etc.

Specifications of Topsung 3 Walkie Talkies

  • Suitable for kids of 3-12 years old
  • The range Up to 3 KM in an open area
  • Equipped with 22 channels and 99 privacy code
  • Use of ABS standard material 
  • Auto squelch system 
  • Hands-free Operation (VOX)
  • Built-in flashlight 
  • Monitor, memory & Scan function
  • Channel lock function 
  • Weight is 2.6oz

Pros and Cons of Topsung 3 Walkie Talkies  


  • Push-to-talk Operation
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Clear sound and audio 
  • Comes with charger and rechargeable batteries. 
  • Adjustable volume level 


  • Some customers had faced battery issues
  • Max volume is not very loud.

Why do we recommend Topsung 3 Walkie Talkies for Kids

Topsung is known to provide reliable and excellent performing products. This walkie talkie is another outstanding addition to their range of products. Its Simple Design makes it perfect for even a small kid to use it conveniently.

4. Komvox Toddler Walkie Talkies for Kids 2 Way Radio

The Komvox Toddler Walkie Talkies is one of the most rugged options designed for toddlers. The 2-way radio device can withstand various types of drops, scratches, and dings. Hence it is more durable compared to any other model of the same grade available in the market today.

These walkie talkies are suitable for use in any environment and are perfect for kids and their parents. Apart from being screened over by a strict drop test, this device offers a range of other features.

The transmission range coverage is about 3 miles. This means one should be able to communicate from the living room, with one’s child in the backyard, without any interruptions at all.

The AAA rechargeable batteries can be used for 3.5 hours continuously. An easy user- friendly interface makes it an effortless device to use. In addition to the above, the auto squelch function makes sure that this walkie talkie performs smoothly both indoor or outdoor. Also, this radio comes with a great LCD.

Specifications of Komvox Toddler Walkie Talkies

  • Suitable for kids of 4 years old
  • The range Up to 3 mile 
  • 3 channels with CTCSS code
  • USB Charging Supported
  • Battery life 9 hrs standby mode
  • LED channel indicators
  • Easy push-to-talk operation

Pros and Cons of Komvox Toddler Walkie Talkies


  • Small and Lightweight
  • Crystal-clear sound quality
  • Decent range
  • Easy interface


  • AAA batteries are not included in the pack.
  • Dappled voice activation

What makes Komvox Toddler Walkie Talkies Best for Kids?

The KOMVOX Toddler Walkie Talkies is one of the best-recommended baby walkie talkies. The two-way radio is a family-friendly device with a sleek style design. The powerful connection range helps a parent to keep a tab and monitor a toddler without any hassle.

5. GO COM Walkie Talkies

What makes GOCOM walkie talkie a perfect gift for your children? It’s the modern features which it’s equipped with. The anti-interference, clear sound, andsmart design make communication of kids with their parents and friends seamlessly clean.

The compact size allows for convenient grasping and easy to carry. Apart from this, adding features like its quality build with environment-friendly material guarantees durability, nine channels with lots of privacy code, and automatic shut-down function extends battery life.

Besides this, the GOCOM walkie talkie can easily withstand drops from around 5 ft, in case of accidental fall. The device allows the transmission range of 1-15 miles, depending on the exterior conditions. The only worry can be about its non-rechargeable batteries feature.

Specifications of GO COM Walkie Talkies

  • Suitable for kids of 4 years and above
  • The range Up to 25 miles’ range
  • Equipped with 9 channels 
  • Auto squelch system
  • the frequency used is UHF
  • Call alert function
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Monitor, memory & Scan function
  • Weight is 1.92 Ounces
  • Automated shut-down

Pros and Cons of GO COM Walkie Talkies


  • Uncomplicated push-to-talk button
  • It comes with a belt clip and lanyards
  • Long battery life
  • Drop-resistant. 
  • Excellent sound reception


  • The dual power mode is absent and non-rechargeable

What makes GO COM the Best Walkie Talkie for Kids?

The Gocom walkie talkies is a certified product and can be used on various indoor and outdoor occasions. They will be great as birthday gifts for young kids and can also be excellent travel gear for the whole group, such as camping, hunting, etc.,

6. Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies for Kids

Most walkie talkie sets come with a standard set of two radios, but this Obuby toy set comes with a group of 3 walkie talkies. Each device is ergonomically designed to fit easily in the hands of children ages three and up.

The Obuby walkie talkies have clear, balanced, and top-notch sound quality. Along with adjustable volume control, it possesses an anti-interference function to reduce any unwanted noise. Moreover, with 22 channels and 99 CTCSS sub-codes, it ensures safety and privacy.

In addition to the above features, the walkie talkie is equipped with a backlit display to shows signal strength, a channel number, push-to-talk operation, ten call tones, keypad lock, and battery level. Kids can attach the device to their backpacks, belts, or other bags with the included belt clip’s help.

Obuby holds the top spot in this best kid walkie talkies list as it provides real-time monitoring of your kids with its intelligent alarm system.

Specifications of Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies

  • Suitable for kids of 3-12 years old
  • The range Up to 3 km long
  • Equipped with 22 channels and 99 CTCSS sub-codes
  • Auto squelch system 
  • Hands-free Operation (VOX)
  • LCD 
  • 10 Call tones
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Monitor
  • weight is 9.4 ounces

Pros and Cons of Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies


  • Uncomplicated push-to-talk button
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Clear sound and audio 
  • Waterproof  
  • Set of 3 instead of 2


  • Too much button for young ones to handle 
  • The beep tone is deafening and can’t be turned off.

Why should you go for Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies for Kids?

If you’re going on an outing with multiple kids, this Obuby Toyz incredible set of three will surely come in handy as it works and sound beautiful. The middle” talk” button is self-explanatory. It’s easy to operate and doesn’t need a user manual.

Whether you have toddlers or early teens at home, these 2-way radio sets are the ultimate deal. In our opinion, it’s always good to have an extra unit as a backup.

7. Selieve Walkie Talkies for Kids

Selieve Walkie Talkie toy is a perfect choice for your kids. The advantages you can get from this radio set apart from having a very affordable price are numerous. Firstly, it has an excellent frequency range that goes from 400 to 470 Hz.

These walkie talkies have 22 different channels and an anti-interference function that suppresses static noises. The availability of 99 privacy codes prevents strangers from communicating with your kids.

Another add on feature includes voice activation, battery status on the LCD. the sound quality of the microphone, with eight adjustable volume button, makes communication superior.

Then comes the small and easy to grab ergonomic design. It has a decent talk range of 3 kilometers, perfect to use while you are shopping with your kids, camping, excursions, or just playing in your backyard. The presence of an alert system helps in notifying family and friends when the kid has wandered off.

Specifications of Selieve Walkie Talkies

  • Suitable for kids of 5-8 years old
  • The range Up to 2 KM 
  • Equipped with 22 channels and 99 privacy code
  • Auto squelch system 
  • Hands-free Operation (VOX)
  • LCD with a screen protector
  • Call alert function
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Monitor, memory & Scan function
  • Channel lock function 
  • Weight is 7.04oz

Pros and Cons of Selieve Walkie Talkies


  • Uncomplicated push-to-talk button
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Clear sound and audio 
  • Non-slip battery back cover. 
  • 8 Adjustable volume level 


  • Too much battery consumption
  • The dual power mode is absent
  • Display light is very bright

What makes Selieve Walkie Talkies Best for Kids?

Selieve Walkie talkies are easy to use, fashionable, durable, portable, and have excellent compatibility. They will be great as birthday gifts for young kids and can also be perfect travel gear for the whole group, such as camping, hunting, etc.

8. Joyfun Walkie Talkies for Kids

One of the most impressive and popular walkie talkies on the market, Joyfun’s walkie talkies are probably the most affordable on our list. It’s highly functional with its powerful transmitters and high receiver sensitivity.

There is an auto-squelch function in the radio set to reduce any background noise. The gadget has an ergonomic design that provides comfortable gripping. There is a belt for easy attachment to bags.

With such a budgeted price, one can get almost all features found in any other models in our researched list. Features like a built-in flashlight, VOX function, calm camouflage exterior, 22 channels, etc.– everything is present on this device.

One thing which restricts it to make under the top five is its range and durability. The range is 2 miles instead of 3 in other models. But at this price is it’s a sure-shot pick. 

Specifications of Joyfun Walkie Talkies

  • Suitable for kids of 5-10 years old
  • The range Up to 2 Miles
  • Equipped with 22 channels 
  • Powerful transmitter
  • push-to-talk (or PTT) button
  • Hands-free Operation (VOX)
  • LCD backlit display
  • Monitor & Scan 
  • Auto squelch system 
  • Operate on FRS/GMRS
  • 10 selected call tones

Pros and Cons of Joyfun Walkie Talkies for


  • Small and Lightweight
  • Clear, high-quality audio with an adjustable volume level 
  • Ergonomic design for a firm grip
  • Belt clip for easy attachment
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoor activities


  • Durability is an issue
  • Batteries have to be bought separately

Why do we recommend Joyfun Walkie Talkies for Kids

It’s one of the top picks to be used for a long-distance play. In terms of features and functioning, it does a remarkable job. And is highly recommended for children above five years.

9. QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkies

The adorable and compact kitty design of the QNIGLO walkie talkie can appeal to any young kid. It can be easily being worn as a watch. The kids will enjoy the flashy light coming from the kitty’s eyes as soon as the PTT button is pressed.

It has rechargeable battery support for 24 hours andboasts an in-built FM capability. The standard features deliver clear audio output up to 2 miles range in an open field setting.

Quality construction, backlit LCD, 22 channel, battery status, keypad lock, and VOX function are some of the regular features present in this radio set. Qniglo Walkie Talkies draw their power from 4 AAA batteries and offer a decent battery life.

It even fulfills the need for a headset as there is a provision made for a 2.5-inch earphone jack.

Specifications of QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkie

  • Suitable for kids of 3-5 years old
  • The range Up to 2 mile 
  • FM radio mode
  • Rechargeable walkie talkies 
  • Easy push-to-talk operation
  • 45 days’ money-back guarantee
  • Channel/keypad lock

Pros and Cons of QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkie


  • Come with a watchband and lanyard 
  • Crystal-clear sound quality
  • Decent range 
  • Easy interface with a functional design


  • The longevity of the device is an issue.
  • Instructions are a little complicated.

What makes QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkie Best for Kids?

These walkie talkies make a solid impression on kids, especially girls. Qniglo Walkie Talkies for Kids are nicely designed and colorful. We recommend it for kids aged above 3.

10. Aikmi walkie talkie

The camo pattern Aikmi walkie talkie is suitable for outdoor and fun activities for kids. This two-way radio boasts 22 channels with a bright LCD and a built-in flashlight.

The device has all features as others on the above list –VOX features, background noise reduction, and more. With its additional features, it happens to be an adventure walkie talkie which is useful when you are camping, hiking, or hunting with your kids.

It is not rechargeable and utilizes four AAA batteries to operate. The paracord that comes with the package has many uses like it has a compass and a whistle built in used in emergencies. It even looks cool as regular accessories.

With the straps or lanyards in the sets, one doesn’t have to worry about their children losing the walkie talkies. Apart from the price factor, Aikmi gives a 24-month money-back guarantee or replacement, which is a big plus if your kids break by accident or drop it on a water trip.

Specifications of Aikmi walkie talkie

  • Suitable for kids of 4-10 years old
  • The range Up to 2 mile 
  • Frequency of 400-470MHz
  • Number of channels -22 with 99 CTCSS subcodes
  • VOX mode 
  • Call-alert function
  • Two straps and user-manual
  • Weighs 7.8 ounces
  • The material used -Hard plastic build
  • 24 months’ warranty

Pros and Cons of Aikmi walkie talkie


  • Clear audio
  • Easy to use
  • Low radiation
  • Multifunctional Paracord Bracelets
  • Value for money


  • Low battery life 
  • Durability issues

Why is Aikmi walkie talkie best for Kids?

Aikmi is small-sized walkie talkies with a clear sound, long-distance, and excellent battery life. It is recommended for 4-10-year-old. It is a rare communication tool that increases children’s spirit of teamwork and can be used for elderly care & indoor and outdoor activities.

11. Little Pretender Walkie Talkies for Kids

Rock your child’s world with this Little Pretender Walkie Talkies. These two-way radio sets are clean, simple, and convenient for use by any kids. The walkie-talkies operate on the FRS frequencies.

The device provides three channels and offers a range of transmission up to 2 miles. In addition to this, the gadget features a built-in flashlight that allows use at night and a bright LED monitor to show the channel currently being used.

The use of precise voice technology gives out crystal clear sound. The ergonomically designed walkie talkie is easy to operate and needs 3 AAA batteries to run. It’s a no-frills device that allows kids to explore their environment and gain self-confidence and social skills.

There is a belt clip for children to tuck it away while not in use. 

Specifications of Little Pretender Walkie Talkies

  • Suitable for kids of 5 years and above
  • The range Up to 2-mile long
  • Equipped with 3 channels 
  • Auto squelch system 
  • LCD 
  • Call alert
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Push to talk button

Pros and Cons of Little Pretender Walkie Talkies


  • Can work in sync with additional units 
  • Break-resistant body
  • Clear audio
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sustain battery power over many weeks


  • Absence volume control feature.
  • Construction quality is not that outstanding.

What makes Little Pretender Walkie Talkie Best for Kids?

Little Pretender Walkie Talkies is a top-rated kids walkie talkie that setshigh-quality entertainment for high-energy Kids. The device enables long-distance conversations for hours. They’re perfectly sized for young children and sports large talk button. 

Top 3 best walkie talkies for 3-5 year old kids

1. QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkies with FM

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • PTT button
  • channel lock
  • FM radio
  • Light weight
  • Small sized
  • Colourful.

2. Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies for Kids 

  • VOX function
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Water proof
  • Alarm system
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Best for Trio

3. KOMVOX Walkie Talkies for Kids & Toddler

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy interface
  • Decent range
  • Drop resistant
  • Recommended for talkative toddlers

Top 3 best walkie talkies for 5-7 year old kids

1. Aikmi walkie talkie

  • VOX function
  • PTT button
  • Call alert
  • Light weight
  • Compact
  • Low radiation
  • Multifunctional Para cord Bracelets
  • Great battery life

2. Selieve Walkie Talkies

  • VOX function
  • Auto squelch system
  • Non-slip battery back cover
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Durable
  • Clear audio
  • Portable

3. Joyfun Walkie Talkies

  • Powerful transmitter
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweight
  • PTT button
  • Decent range
  • Call tones
  • Audio with adjustable volume level
  • Belt clip

Top 3 best walkie talkies for 8-10 year old kids

1. Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Solid feel
  • Easy to use
  • PTT button
  • Non-slip grip
  • LCD
  • Lightweight
  • Headset Jack
  • Phone style ring
  • FRS frequency

2. Topsung 3 Walkie Talkies

  • VOX function
  • ABS standard material
  • PTT button
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Comes with charger and rechargeable batteries
  • Scan function,
  • Trio Set

3. GOCOM Walkie Talkies

  • 25 miles range
  • 9 Channels
  • Belt clip and lanyards
  • Drop-resistant
  • Easy interface
  • UHF frequency
  • Automatic shutdown function

Safety Tips While Using Kids Walkie Talkies

Below are few Important Safety Tips for both Children and parents while using Walkie talkies.

  • Learn and practice how to use the 2-way radio. Read the user manual carefully.
  • Follow a call pattern with your kid to determine which particular channel they will be using and check the same from time to time.
  • Always checks the batteries to make sure that the device lasts long. It’s advisable to keep extra batteries when you are out on a trip.  
  • Teach your child to never talk to strangers in case of unwanted intrusion.
  • Parents are advised to opt for a durable and sturdy device. If your kid is active, then buy a rugged case for extra protection.
  • Always checks the range beforehand. Avoid routes where there are “dead spots.”

FAQ’s Related to Kids Walkie Talkies

1. Is walkie talkie safe for children? 

Absolutely. It’s safer than smartphones. Children absorb more radiofrequency energy than adults while using smartphones. Top-rated walkie talkies don’t have harmful effects. Again the more number of channels provided in the WTs prevent strangers from getting in touch/communicate with your kids. Do a scan and keep a check on the channel your child will be used as a precautionary measure.

2. What do the PTT and VOX function help in?

PTT is an abbreviated form for push-to-talk. The button had to be pressed when a child wants to speak and send a message to another device. The VOX function is nothing but a voice-activated sensor function. In this feature, a child doesn’t push the PTT button but can start talking. The sensor will auto pick up the sound and send the message to the other headset.

3. How many types of Walkie Talkies are there?

Basically, we have three types of two-way radios. They are as follows:

  • No-touch- (One primary parent headset with child headset with no button)
  • Handheld- (Normal walkie talkies).
  • Multi-device- (Includes FM radios, fun games, etc.)

4. Can we buy more than one set, and will all the walkie talkies work together?

Of course, you can. If the sets belong to the same brand, they will work together as long as all the sets communicate on the same channel. 

5. Can our kids use headphones with walkie talkies?

Many of the walkie talkies models do include a headphone jack. If you want to keep the communication a little quieter, then buy the jack provision model.

6. Can I restrict my child from changing the channels on the Walkie Talkies after I’ve set them up?

It depends on the Channel lock feature present in the model. Most of the current models come with this feature, which helps ensure that a child cannot change the channel once set by a parent. This also helps in keeping away any intrusion by strangers while your child is communicating.

Final Words:

Walkie talkies are the perfect solution for staying connected with your children in case they are wandering outside. As a parent, you might get anxious when your kids are at the park, shop, or camps. In such time communication with walkie talkies is a breather. Not only it helps in keeping track of their kids, but also it inspires children to communicate independently and be more creative during their playtime. Extra Fun and excitement get added to their routine outdoor games. Walkie talkies are one of the best toys/gadgets which you can gift to your young ones on any occasion.

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