Best Walkie Talkie for Snowboarding | Top 5 Two-Way Radios & Comparison

Nine months can feel like nine years waiting for the winter season to return. Finally, you can take out your Snowboarding equipment and just lay them out on the smooth layer of snow forming at the park.

If you’re a Snowboarding enthusiast or you actually do it as a sport, an actual stretch of snow in the countryside will make more sense. One of the things you can’t go out snowboarding without is a two-way radio.

You can’t depend on a regular mobile phone when you’re that far away from the grid, so a walkie talkie is your best bet.

The best walkie talkie for snowboarding is one that offers you crystal clear communication, protection from the snow, and other features that make it convenient to use while you glide over layers of thick ice.

This post will review 5 of the best walkie talkies for snowboarding you can find out there. But just before that, let’s consider some factors you should pay attention to when you’re out shopping for the right walkie talkie for Snowboarding.

Top 5 Best Two-Way Radios for Snowboarding: By Best Feature

Buyer Guide: Factors to Consider before Buying a Walkie Talkie for Snowboarding

1. Waterproof

If you desire a satisfactory time out in the snow, one important consideration is whether your walkie talkie can survive a plunge in the snow. Let’s face it, snow is more or less ice and ice is water waiting to melt.

When you look out for a walkie talkie for snowboarding, be sure it is not just water resistant, but that it is able to survive immersion in water for at least 30 minutes.

2. Range

Range is another factor that is not negotiable. Snowboarding is such a fun activity that it is easy to lose sight of how far you have gone away from everyone else. Also, you may just be a victim of an avalanche that sweeps you off to a distant location.

Be sure your walkie talkie for Snowboarding can reach a distance of at least 5 miles or more. At some point, you may need to call members of your team, emergency services or just for help during an injury.

3. NOAA Weather Alert

It is not uncommon to witness storms or other torrential weather conditions during winter. When you’re out Snowboarding, you need to have your eyes out and your ears on the ground for weather updates.

It would be disastrous to get caught up out on the snow during a storm or something similar. Having a weather update and even weather Channels on walkie talkie will go a long way to keep you protected from unforeseen circumstances.

3. Button Size

The importance of button size cannot be downplayed, and here is why; snowboarding often requires wearing gloves over your fingers. This alters the size of your fingers and your grip as well.

It is important that your walkie talkie for Snowboarding has large enough buttons for your fingers even with your gloves on. This will ensure you press only the buttons you intend to when you do. You wouldn’t want a walkie talkie you can’t operate, would you?

4. Accessories

There are a few accessories that easily complement your walkie talkie for snowboarding. Consider a headphone, for example. Your convenience will be significantly enhanced on the ice if you don’t have to hold a radio over your shoulder every now and then.

Another accessory to consider is a neck strap or a belt clip or even a saddle. Whatever you decide to go with, an accessory like a strap will save you the burden of having to hold your walkie talkie in one hand while you’re out in the snow.

5. Battery Power

Battery life is a constant feature on any list of important factors that determine what two way radio or any communication gadget you should buy.

For a snowboarding walkie talkie, you need a battery that will last several hours as it is very unlikely that you’ll find a spot to charge your battery while you’re out in the snow.

Somewhere between 10 and 14 hours should do because you may find yourself spending that much time snowboarding, especially if you’re training for a competition.

6. Screen and Button Backlight

If you’ve ever been out in the snow, then you’ll agree it can get all hazy, foggy and quite dark. It can also get really difficult making out stuff like buttons and inscriptions.

Therefore, when you’re out Snowboarding, you should use a walkie talkie that has illuminated buttons and a bright LCD screen to aid your operation. The good thing is, many great two-way radios have those feature, so it shouldn’t be so hard getting one.

Top 5 Best Walkie Talkies for Snowboarding

1. Cobra ACXT645

Best for: Value for Money

When you’re out Snowboarding, there are several things you need in a walkie talkie; ability to find useful channels, audio clarity, durability and a sense of security. This Cobra model comes with all these and more.

You should be intrigued by the beautiful orange and black exterior that illuminates in the dark when light bounces on it. So, even without your screen backlight on, you shouldn’t have any troubles locating and using your walkie talkie.

This two-way radio offers 2,662 channel combinations, which means there’s always a free channel you can connect with your friends over.

This walkie talkie also has access to 10 NOAA weather channels to stay ahead. And just in case you drop your walkie talkie in melting ice, it is extremely waterproof so you have nothing to worry about.

Specifications of Cobra ACXT645

  • 10 NOAA Weather Channels
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Dual Power mode
  • 35-mile range
  • 22 channels
  • VibrAlert for enhanced response
  • IPX4 Waterproof Feature
  • Can use 3 AA batteries each

Pros and Cons of Cobra ACXT645


  • Protected against exposure to water
  • Very wide range
  • Can be recharged or simply switched to AA batteries.
  • Weather channels keep you safe
  • Flashlight aids night-time Snowboarding
  • VOX feature for hands-free operation.


  • Small LCD and buttons

2. Midland 50-Channel Two-Way Radio

Best for: Accessories

From secure channel communication to frequency flexibility, there’s quite a number of reasons this walkie talkie ranks among the best for snowboarding. The power-saver feature also ensures you can elongate the life of the battery.

If there’s a weather emergency or an update like an incoming avalanche, you can be sure you’ll be alerted by your Midland Walkie Talkie with access to NOAA emergency alerts.

This Two-Way radio covers as much as 36 miles depending on terrain and has the ability to offer several hours of talk time. You can either recharge the battery or simply switch to four AAA batteries for optimum communication.

There are several other features- like the headset that supports hands-free communication- that truly make this radio special for Snowboarding.

Specifications of Midland 50-Channel Two-Way Radio

  • 36-mile range
  • NOAA emergency alerts
  • Includes a headset
  • 50 channels
  • 142 Privacy codes for discretion
  • Weather channels and scanner available
  • JIS4 Waterproof feature

Pros and Cons of Midland 50-Channel Two-Way Radio


  • Far-reaching signal
  • Multiple private channels for secure communication
  • Can get updates from weather channels
  • Waterproof feature to prevent damage
  • Headset enhances your convenience
  • Silent operation can help in the event of wolf or bear attack.


  • Range can reduce significantly in poor terrains.

3. Retevis RT47 Walkie Talkie

Best for: Durability

Talk about unbeatable durability, dynamic features and a true team player and you’ll certainly see Retevis RT47 pop up. This walkie talkie sits comfortably as one of the best two way radios for snowboarding for a number of reasons.

First, it is very easy to use with very few buttons to avoid confusion. Also, this walkie talkie is antishock, so even when you drop it on hard ice or surface, you don’t have to worry about it getting broken.

The IP67 rating means that it is not just water resistant, but can actually survive immersion in water up to 30 minutes. This walkie talkie is built to provide true value in the snow, with as much as 6 radios for an entire team.

Specifications of Retevis RT47 Walkie Talkie

  • IP67 rating for water resistance
  • Pack of 6 radios
  • NOAA Weather Alert
  • Built-in flashlight
  • 16 channels
  • 1100 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Keypad Lock Feature
  • Up to 30 miles in open areas

Pros and Cons of Retevis RT47 Walkie Talkie


  • Great waterproof two-way radio
  • Will not be damaged if dropped accidentally
  • Comes in a groupie pack
  • Clear audio
  • Freedom to lock private channel
  • Weather alert for improved security
  • Flashlight for night-time use.


  • No option for AAA batteries.

4. Motorola MR350R

Best For: Button Sizes

Sometimes, all you need for assurance is the brand name. Some brands have established their superiority in several fields and sectors over decades that there is now some level of reputation among users.

When it comes to walkie talkies, especially for outdoor activities like snowboarding, Motorola is a trusted name. This time, the MR350R makes our list for its incredibly designed interface that makes it easy to manipulate even with gloves on.

The big white buttons come alive even in the dark offering you total control. With 22 secure channels and a range that reaches 35 miles in open areas, there are not too many brands that can compete with Motorola as far as walkie talkies are concerned.

Specifications of Motorola MR350R

  • 22 Channels
  • 35-mile range
  • Pack of 2 radios
  • FRS/GMRS frequencies
  • Very Portable design
  • 121 Privacy Codes
  • Built-in flashlight
  • NOAA Weather Channels and Alerts

Pros and Cons of Motorola MR350R


  • Great mile range for extended coverage
  • Protection from dripping water
  • Dustproof
  • Ability to monitor weather updates
  • Access to both FRS and GMRS networks
  • Very lightweight and portable.


  • Limited water protection
  • Quite pricey

5. Motorola T600 Talkabout Radio

Best Price

The Motorola Talkabout is arguably one of the most used walkie talkies across the globe. It’s different models are designed for use in multiple situations.

The T600, on one hand, is a great piece of Two-Way radio for Snowboarding due to it’s amazing features. It is also one of the most affordable walkie talkies for snowboarding in its category.

With 22 channels and incredible range, there is so much you can do with this on your next Snowboarding trip. There are also safety features to keep you close to help and other features that make it one of the most durable on the market.

Specifications of Motorola T600 Talkabout Radio

  • 35-mile range
  • 22 channels
  • Float capability when you drop in water
  • Water-activated built-in flashlight included
  • Emergency alert button
  • White and red LED flashlight
  • 11 weather channels and alerts

Pros and Cons of Motorola T600 Talkabout Radio


  • It is water resistant with ability to float
  • Has an impressive range for wide-scale communication
  • LED light can work in wet situations
  • Weather channels help you stay informed of impending danger
  • Multiple channels to take advantage of
  • Very portable design


  • Buttons may seem to small with gloves on.

Comparison Table: Top 5 Best Walkie Talkies for Snowboarding

 RangeWeather AlertChannelsWaterproofClip/Strap
Cobra ACXT64535 milesYes22YesYes
Midland 50- Channel Radio36 milesYes50YesYes
Retevis RT4730 milesYes16YesYes
Motorola MR350R35 milesYes22YesYes
Motorola T60035 milesYes22YesYes

Final Words:

Our verdict is on the Cobra ACXT645 for its budget-friendly price, durable design, safety, protection and unbeatable audio clarity. Don’t take our word for it though, you can check out other reviews to see what they’re saying about the product. That said, any other product on this list is sure to give you a swell time Snowboarding all day long. Just be sure to purchase from accredited dealers and thank us later.

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