TOP 7 Popular Uniden Walkie-Talkies | Specifications, Pros&Cons, and Best Usage

Walkie Talkies keeps you interconnected with all advanced technology where you go- Camping, Hiking, Trekking, Road Trips, Etc. It’s a reliable option to be in touch with your group members in the absence of a cell coverage facility.

Walkie-talkies are commonly known as handhelds radios, 2-way radios, or handy-talkies. The 2-way radios work on industry-based standard UHF/VHF frequencies and use a single radio channel at a time.

Although several channels are provided, multiple users can communicate in a similar zone without meddling and disrupting each other’s communication. These two-way radios are portable and easy-to-use communicative devices. 

Presently a large variety of two-way radio sets are found on the market equipped with some outstanding features. To get the best out of the lot is a challenging task for a probable buyer.

In the following write-up, we shall focus on a top brand into manufacturing telecommunication devices for more than 50 years.

Uniden is a Japanese telecommunication company that became popular with CB radios and cordless telephones. The brand manufacturers advanced marine electronics, television satellite equipment, radio scanners, mobile radios, walkie-talkies, and more.

The company is known for quality products. The vision of Brand Uniden is based on the fact that if you are out for your desired trips, don’t worry about the network with Uniden two-way radio sets. 

List of Top 7 Uniden Walkie Talkies and Their Best Usage

S. NoUniden Walkie TalkieBest Usage
1Uniden MHS75Marine and Water-based activities
2Uniden PRO401HHHunting, Outdoors and Off road
3Uniden SX507-2CKHS  Long Range, Outdoors, Water Based Activities, Events, Festivals, Mountains, and Canoe Trips
4Uniden PRO501HHIndustrial, Commercial and Off-road
5Uniden GMR5089-2CKHSLong range, Boating, Hiking, and Other outdoor sports related activities
6Uniden Atlantis 275Marine, Jetski, Boating, and Kayaking
7Uniden Eco Trek FRS-440Family, Kids, Indoors, Elderly care, and Nursing

Top 7 Popular Uniden Walkie Talkies: Deep Dive

Let’s now discuss some of the best two-way radio models by brand UNIDEN.

All Uniden models come with accessories like gear clips, earpieces, good battery support, and chargers. These radios are light to carry and are durable. 

1. Uniden MHS75

Best for Marine and Water-based activities

The first on our list is Uniden MHS75. Top choice for those who are looking for communication while in our around water. The device is rated as one of the top pick for mariners.

A two-way VHF marine radio is something truly water-resistant, and with JIS8/IPX8 rated submersible-outstanding features, the gadget can easily bear gusty spray, splash, tidal waves.

Its capacity to survive up to 30 minutes at five feet deep water is another remarkable aspect. 

Now talking of range, Uniden MHS75 is better than most walkie-talkies. Its power output of 1, 2.5, and 6 watts for short and long-range communication impressively produces performance.

For maximum output usage, there is a power boost key button. There is a Quad Monitor functionality that helps to keep track of two frequencies at a time.

Like in an emergency in water, a mariner can contact both the coast guard and track weather frequencies simultaneously.

The brand has designed this portable, well built, rugged, handheld two-way radio with all essential features -10 weather alerts, backlit LCD, eight pushbuttons, etc., and accessories including a sturdy belt clip, a rapid clip-on DC charger, Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, and an SMA flexible rubber antenna.

In most of the situation, the audio is clear and loud. The monitor screen is enormous and bright, and the battery life is around 12 hours. The radio is set within an aluminum case, so durability will not be an issue.

Specifications of Uniden MHS75

  • IPX8 / JIS8 Submersible 
  • Land-based (GMRS) + Marine (VHF) 
  • Power transmission- 1/2.5/6 Watt 
  • Power Boost key
  • Triple Watch mode
  • 16 channels (9 for a signal)
  • PTT Key 
  • NOAA weather alerts
  • Emergency strobe light
  • Up to 10-12 Hour Battery Life 
  • Weight- 1.35 pounds

Benefits and Drawbacks of Uniden MHS75


  • Top water-resistant walkie talkie
  • Excellent range
  • Powerful and ability to monitor two frequencies 
  • Clear sound, large display 
  • Rugged build 


  • The battery clip is fragile.
  • The submersible dip range is not as good as advertised.

Our Comments on Uniden MHS75

Exclusive marine-based Features and easy-to-operate design makes the Uniden MHS75 a perfect choice for open water activities. The VHF transmission range is pretty good and goes from 16 miles to up to 20 miles.

The gizmos are weatherproof, are submersible, float on water, and are equipped with NOAA alerts. These walkie-talkies have all other standard features.

.2. Uniden PRO401HH

Best for Hunting, Outdoors and Off road

The most popular CB radio from Uniden. The PRO401HH is a very lightweight, ergonomic design radio that comes with a belt clip for easy attachment to a user belt.

The 4-watt device has variable power settings that help extend the range and provide additional talk time. 

The Uniden PRO401hh only uses 9 AA alkaline batteries. An external power jack can charge the device by connecting it to a charger or wall charger (not included in the pack). 

All buttons on the handheld radio are strategically placed on the top, left and right side- be it squelch knob, volume control knob, and antenna jack on top or speaker jack, microphone jack on the left.

With 40 FCC-approved AM frequencies channels, PRO401hh offers superb sound quality for outgoing and incoming transmission signals.

Moreover, the radio performance can easily be enhanced and expanded with the use of external accessories. This model from Uniden is very durable and full of unique features.

Specifications of Uniden PRO401HH

  • 40 CB channels 
  • 4 watts HI / LO Dual Choice power management
  • LED display 
  • Noise limiter 
  • An automatic gain control system
  • Automatic modulation control 
  • Adjustable(MUTE) volume control 
  • Dual Watch feature 
  • Low battery indicator 
  • Powered Rechargeable Ni-MH or AA standard battery
  • Weight 0.95 Pounds

Benefits and Drawbacks of Uniden PRO401HH


  • Exceptional and powerful signal transmission in a short-distance 
  • The antenna is detachable
  • Strategically placed controls 
  • Equipped with an external speaker and microphone jack 
  • It comes with a year’s warranty 
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Don’t have a wide range.

Our Comments on Uniden PRO401HH

The Uniden PRO401HH has a simple but strategically designed device keeping in mind the user’s needs. It’s quickly operational with one hand because of its compactness and lightweight.

While it’s easy to extend it via the extension jacks, the device has a battery-saving feature and comes with a car adapter for charging the unit. To conclude, Uniden handheld CB radio comes with everything. This two-way radio is definitely worth considering.

3. Uniden SX507-2CKHS

Best for Long Range, Outdoors, Water Based Activities, Events, Festivals, Mountains, and Canoe Trips

This is another popular two-way radio from Uniden. SX507-2CKHS is a long-range radio claiming to transmit up to 50 miles on the manual. Though in a standard setup, one can achieve around 10 miles. 

The black and red colored SX507-2CKHS have 22 channels (7 FRS and 15 GMRS), 142 privacy codes, and a power output of 5 watts.

The package comes with two handsets and rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, a dual charging station, two headsets, belt clips, and more.

What sets this model apart from others is its extra ability as a waterproof device. Not only will they float in water but also easily withstand rain.

Their submersion level is up to 3 feet for 30 minutes with any noticeable damage. This makes these two-way radios extremely useful when you are at sea.

Manufactured with a fresh design, this walkie-talkie has an NOAA weather scan and alert, 14-hour battery life, caller ID, direct call capability, and reasonably good audio output.

As it works on industry standards frequencies, you can use them with other FRS handheld radios irrespective of brands.

Specifications of Uniden SX507-2CKHS

  • Range up to 50 miles
  • No. Of channels 22 plus 142 Privacy Codes, 
  • NOAA Weather Scan and Alert
  • Power transmission- 5 Watt 
  • Jis7 floating design – rated
  • PTT Key 
  • Ten call tones
  • Vibration mode
  • Up to 14 Hour Battery Life 
  • Weight- 680 g

Benefits and Drawbacks of Uniden SX507-2CKHS


  • Ability to float on the surface if dropped in water.
  • Excellent battery life
  • Durable and Rugged 
  • Perfectly Waterproof
  • Great price


  • The range is not as good as advertised.

Our Comments on Uniden SX507-2CKHS

 Uniden SX507-2CKHS is a new model on the market offering high-end quality, fully packed features, and durability options – all at a reasonable price.

A user gets a fantastic long-range radio with a combination of quality and accessories while using it near a body of water.

4. Uniden PRO501HH

Best for Industrial, Commercial and Off-road

The Uniden Pro is a solid pick for a handheld radio, especially where dependability is concerned. It is an everyday CB radio. 

Let’s look at its features in detail. You can expect up to 4 miles in open settings, whereas the range drops to a mere half a mile in the city.

While driving, the transmission can be kept intact by using a separate roof-mounted antenna (like 3-foot FireStik that is at par with any high-end CB radio) that would send signals through the car’s metallic body.

The Uniden Pro PRO501HH has an excellent audio output, Squelch Control, and Automatic Noise Limiter.

The sound performance can be further enhanced by plugging earbuds into the external speaker jack. But the catch is that the signal quality is entirely dependent on outside settings.

 This is a rugged designed radio that has access to all 40 CB channels and ten weather channels. There is an auto-scan option, a better-backlit LCD display, and dual watch mode.

The dual watch mode helps in switching over to the emergency channel 9 with one button press. 

This gadget has dual-level power settings that you can use. The high power setting can be set at 4 watts, while the low has the output of 1 watts.

The package comes with a belt clip, Hand strap, cigarette plug adapter for both charge and external power, and user manual. Neither the Ni-MH batteries nor alkaline batteries are included in the pack.

Specifications of Uniden PRO501HH

  • 40 CB channels
  • 10 weather channels
  • Power transmission- 4 Watt 
  • Auto – squelch control 
  • Hi/low power settings
  • Auto Noise Limiter
  • Ten call tones
  • Large backlit LCD 
  • dual watch and channel scan
  • Dual battery charging option
  • Weight- 1.05 Pounds

Benefits and Drawbacks of Uniden PRO501HH


  • Built-in noise limiter. 
  • Rubber duck antenna 
  • Solid microphone and crystal clear audio 
  • Budget CB radio 
  • Automatic channel scan
  • Easily chargeable even with a cigarette plug adapter


  • Batteries have to be purchased separately.
  • External battery requirement is high -9 AA alkaline batteries
  • Heavyweight device.

Our Comments on Uniden PRO501HH

Uniden PRO501HH is all about excellent CB radio. This handheld radio is known for CB features. Easy tuning to 40 CB action channels plus NOAA weather channels that provides information on severe weather threats.

5. Uniden GMR5089-2CKHS

Best for Long range, Boating, Hiking, and Other outdoor sports related activities

This is one top premium pick from brand Uniden. GMR5089 is one of the most durable and reliable two-way radios with a sporty feel to the shell and the same features as other radios, apart from its unique add-ons.

The palm-sized walkie-talkies are waterproof as well as fully submersible. They can even float on water in case of an accidental drop.

Depending on the terrain, the transmission range fluctuates. From advertised 50 miles, the actual attainable is less. A user will have a worry-free outdoor experience as the device has fantastic weather alert ability.

To make things more safe and secure for the team, the model is equipped with Weather Radio Broadcast mode, allowing users to select an NOAA weather channel and hear the latest weather alerts.

The two most unique features found in this model are -Auto Channel Change and Group direct call and caller ID.

With the former feature, all Uniden radios will automatically be updated to a new channel with noise -reduction and interference. With the group call feature, you make a call to anyone from your group while every other one’s radio remains quiet.

Another outstanding safety aspect in such a model is the high-intensity LED flashlight that can help the user move during darkness/night or flash an SOS signal to alert others. 

The Uniden GMR5089 also have caller ID, a backlit display, missed call indicator (informs you when you forgot to answer a call and later get back to them), channel scan feature, battery strength meter, glow in the dark keypad, channel scan, Power Boost PTT, and VOX capability.

The package includes two sets of radios with two NiMH rechargeable battery packs, two belt clips, two headsets with boom mics, a dual pocket desktop charger, and an adapter with carabiner clips.

Specifications of Uniden GMR5089-2CKHS

  • Range up to 50 miles
  • No. Of channels 22 plus 142 Privacy Codes, 
  • NOAA Weather Scan and Alert
  • Power transmission- 5 Watt 
  • Jis7 floating design – rated
  • Ten call tones
  • Vibration mode
  • Submersible – floats to the surface 
  • Emergency strobe light for safety 
  • Backlighting LED 
  • VOX -hands-free operation
  • Weight- 2.15 pounds 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Uniden GMR5089-2CKHS


  • The gadget can be submersible- say about 3 feet in water up to half an hour
  • Watertight construction 
  • Group direct call with caller ID.
  • Clear and loud communication 
  • It can be easily retrieved if dropped in water as it floats
  • 3- year manufacturer warranty


  • The range is average.
  • Battery life is not that great.

Our Comments on Uniden GMR5089-2CKHS

Uniden GMR5089 is a great submersible two-way radios that offer an excellent range and are fully loaded with features. Its transparent sound reception and robust construction make it to our top 5.

6. Uniden Atlantis 275 Handheld Two-Way Radio

Best for Marine, Jetski, Boating, and Kayaking

If you are searching for not so fancy but affordable and waterproof radio for prolonged use, then this the product you should opt for.

The Uniden Atlantis 275 packs come with a cool-looking radio set, AC & DC charging cables, a Built-in Lion battery pack, and a charging cradle. The device is compact, small, and comfortably fits in hands.

The unique aspect about Atlantis is if accidentally you drop the device in water, say during jet-skiing, then don’t panic. This device is fully IPX8 standard waterproof and can float on water.

Just scoop it out from the water surface and get back to sailing. Performing up to 10 hours, the device features all NOAA emergency weather pre-set channels, as well as all-new four-digit USA and other international marine channels. So don’t worry about critical weather situations.

With the largest LCD in its class, the 6 watts Atlantis 275 is easy to use. The VHF marine radio works on big-ocean power to be your lifeline to communication and information that keeps you secure at sea.

The range is good but not excellent. However, You can communicate with group members as well as with lifeguards or coast guards easily.

Specifications of Uniden Atlantis 275

  • All marine channels USA / Canadian / International channels 
  • NOAA Weather Scan and Alert
  • Selectable Power transmission-1 /2.5/6 Watt 
  • IPX8 / JIS8 floating design – rated
  • Submersible and Floating Handheld radio
  • Dual and Triple Watch Operation
  • Huge LCD Screen
  • Emergency Strobe Light and Backlighting
  • Speaker vibrating tone
  • Battery life up to 10 hours
  • Weight- 1.5 pounds

Benefits and Drawbacks of Uniden Atlantis 275


  • Integrated li-on Battery
  • It comes with a warranty for 3 years
  • Easy-To-Read and operate
  • Big-ocean power in a compact design
  • Largest LCD in its class


  • The charging method needs an upgrade
  • The range could be better.

Our Comments on Uniden Atlantis 275

Very economical two-way marine radio with outstanding power management can switch between 1 to 6 watt. With the giant LCD screen, you can easily read all the information clearly—another product by Uniden that can be submerged into water for a long time.

7. Uniden Eco Trek FRS-440 2-Mile 14-Channel FRS Two-Way Radio

Best for Family, Kids, Indoors, Elderly care, and Nursing

Uniden Eco Trek FRS-440 is a compact, lightweight two-way radio that enables you to communicate with family and friends within a short-range.

It has certain top-notch features making it the best among prevailing brands in indoor walkie-talkies. With 14 channels and 38 CTCSS codes, this modal provides crystal clear sound and screens out other radios’ interference.

Other features include an FM radio and an accessory jack. It has an internal antenna.

The FRS440 advanced features include an LCD display, vibrate mode, five distinct call tones, battery level indicator, call indicator, channel-scan, temperature and timer indicator, auto-squelch, and a 7 weather channels built-in weather scanning and hands-free operation. 

This two-way radio has a battery life of 50 hours and requires 3 AA batteries (not included). The Uniden brand provides a one-year warranty on this product. The pack comes with a headset. Available in blue/silver color. 

Specifications of Uniden Eco Trek FRS-440

  • 14-channel FRS
  • 38 CTCSS sub-codes 
  • Power output .5watt 
  • Up to a 2-mile range 
  • Backlit display
  • Backlit display 
  • FM radio
  • 7 NOAA weather frequencies 
  • Temperature display
  • Call alert tone
  • Weight – 0.31 Pounds 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Uniden Eco Trek FRS-440


  • No FCC license required 
  • Built-in carabiner clip
  • Small and lightweight.
  • Value for money


  • Plastic casing
  • Average range and durability.

Our Comments on Uniden Eco Trek FRS-440

This is pocket-sized radio with a unique carabiner design. Packed with all the necessary features, it is a good choice for family use. The clip allows you to attach the set anywhere you want.

Final thoughts: 

After analyzing all brands available in the market and considering customer feedback on different platforms, we have concluded that Uniden is a trusted brand, especially for someone looking for two-way radio with advanced waterproof features.

Uniden radios keep you linked with your group members in wet conditions. The radios have a good range, a sturdy waterproof design, and emergency weather alert features.

Exceptional at providing a strong signal even in densely clustered areas and easy operations, it is hands down one of the top handheld radio brands in the industry.

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