Most Popular Walkie Talkie Brands [9 Brands & 53 Walkie-Talkie Models]

There are numerous reasons for people to consider buying stylish two-way radios, and all are valid. Walkie talkies are very useful during camping, traveling, trekking, business management, elderly care, industrial environments, etc.,

These gadgets are used by professional mountaineers, security guards, policing, hunters, event planners, etc. Again Handheld radios are widgets that are invaluable in circumstances where there is no cell connectivity, especially in emergencies like natural disasters, severe weather conditions under challenging areas, etc.

In such situations, people are isolated and cut off from mainstream terrains, thereby increasing life risk. Thus, the need for urgent communication had given rise to the demand for two-way radios.

This is the reason that more and more brands associated with the manufacturing of communicative devices have come up with a variety of 2-way radio gadgets to fulfil the demands of the markets.

The companies deliver world-class two–way radio products for years and are catering to general and commercial users, public safety teams, public institutions, etc. They also offer business-radios and short-range analog and digital radios ideal for standard usage.

In this article, we prepared a list of the top seven brands popular in this particular segment of handheld radios worldwide considering business parameters like yearly market production, sales/revenue, reliability, durability, and multiple usages.

You will also be guided about each brand’s best two-way radio models from their respective product catalogs.

These models are chosen based on their overall performance in walkie talkie product market.

Top 9 Walkie Talkie Brands

  1. Motorola
  2. Midland
  3. Cobra
  4. Retevis
  5. Uniden
  6. Baefong
  7. Dewalt
  8. Kenwood
  9. Samcom 

53 Popular Walkie-Talkie Models from Top 9 Brands

S. NoBrandWalkie Talkie ModelBest Usage
1MotorolaMotorola RDU4100 2-Way RadiosBusiness Purposes
2MotorolaMotorola RMU2040Schools and Colleges
3MotorolaMotorola T200TP Talkabout RadioGroup Travel &Road Trips
4MotorolaMotorola MS355RHunting, Fishing, Kayaking and Skiing
5MotorolaMotorola MH230TPRMountaineering, Trekking, Camping and Other Outdoor Activities
6MotorolaMotorola T260Indoors, Family and Home Usage
7MotorolaMotorola T600 Adventures, Skiing, and Water based activities
8MotorolaMotorola T100 TalkaboutKids and Cruise
9MotorolaMotorola Talkabout T460Beginners and Outdoor Activities
10MidlandMidland GXT1000VP4Outdoor, Road trips, Hiking, Overlanding, Construction sites & Event planners
11MidlandMidland -GXT1050VP4Hunting, Scouting, Biking, Rock Climbing, and Skiing
12MidlandMidland – X-TALKER T71VP3Long range, Outdoors, Business, School and Hospitality
13MidlandMidland – LXT118Kids, Family, Home, Elderly, and Baby monitoring.
14MidlandMidland LXT600VP3Indoors, Offices, Events, School, Hospitals and Security guards
15MidlandMXT400 MICROMOBILEDriving, Off Road, RVs, Over landers, Ranchers, Hunters & Recreationalists
16MidlandMidland – X-TALKER T290VP4Job sites, Hunting, Camps, RV, Emergency, and Other Outdoor needs
17MidlandMidland MB400Warehouses, Car dealerships, Construction sites, Office buildings, Schools, Hotels and Apartment complexes
18MidlandMidland-GXT1030VP4Snow Boarding, Skiing, Hiking, Fishing and Mountain biking
19CobraCobra RX680Hunting, Hiking and Other Terrains
20CobraCobra CXT1035RWater Based and Outdoor Activities
21CobraCobra Electronics CXR925Camping, Hiking, Trekking Activities
22CobraCobra ACXT645Survival, Travel, Big Groups, Family, Snowboarding
23CobraCobra PX500 Walkie Talkies ProBusiness, Event Planners, Warehouse usage and Offices
24RetevisRetevis RT22For Schools, Colleges & Large Complexes
25RetevisRetevis RT19City Use
26RetevisRetevis H777SHunting, Skiing, Camping
27RetevisRetevis RT5RSurvival
28RetevisRetevis RT27Long Range Needs and Skiing
29RetevisRetevis RT45Baby Monitoring & Home Use
30RetevisRetevis RT628Kids, Care takers and Seniors 
31UnidenUniden MHS75Marine and Water-based activities
32UnidenUniden PRO401HHHunting, Outdoors and Off road
33UnidenUniden SX507-2CKHS  Long Range, Outdoors, Water Based Activities, Events, Festivals, Mountains, and Canoe Trips
34UnidenUniden PRO501HHIndustrial, Commercial and Off-road
35UnidenUniden GMR5089-2CKHSLong range, Boating, Hiking, and Other outdoor sports related activities
36UnidenUniden Atlantis 275Marine, Jetski, Boating, and Kayaking
37UnidenUniden Eco Trek FRS-440Family, Kids, Indoors, Elderly care, and Nursing
38BaoFengBaoFeng UV-5RMid-range Coverage, Amateur use, Indoor and Outdoor use
39BaoFengBaofeng BF-F8HPHome use, Road trips and Outdoors
40BaoFengBaoFeng BF-888S 2 Way RadioConstruction sites, Road travel, Security staff, Office use and Hiking
41BaoFengBaoFeng UV-82 RadioHunting, Camping, Skiing, Outdoor Sports and Adventures
42BaoFengBaofeng Radio US BF-F9 VMountains, Climbing, Hiking
43DewaltDeWALT DXFRS300 FRSSingle site businesses and on-site work
44DewaltDeWALT DXFRS800 FRSBusiness, Security, and Outdoor
45DewaltDEWALT DXFRS220Hospitality, Events, Schools, Warehouses, Offices and Small Businesses
46KenwoodKenwood TK-3402U16P ProTalkMid-Range Indoor and Outdoor Business Activities & Offices
47KenwoodKenwood ProTalk Digital NX-P500Indoor & Outdoor Activities, Summer Camps, Casinos, Offices & Schools
48KenwoodKenwood PKT-23Farms, Inside buildings, Preppers & Clinics
49KenwoodKenwood TK-3230DXRestaurants, Retail Stores, Hospitals and Educational Institutes
50KenwoodKenwood TK-3400U16PConstruction sites, manufacturing units, Education institutes and Warehouses
51SAMCOMSAMCOM FPCN10AOffice, Outdoor, Construction sites, Music festivals, Hunting, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Biking, Hiking, and Other Noisy Environments
52SAMCOMSAMCOM 20 Channels Programmable Walkie TalkieSchool, Churches, Security, Manufacturing plants, and Rescue groups
53SAMCOMSAMCOM FWCN30AWarehouses, Departmental stores, Indoors, Family and Personal use

Let’s explore each of popular two-way radio brands in detail.

1. MOTOROLA [Most Popular Walkie Talkie Brand]

Established in 1928, Motorola is one of the most prolific tech and unsurpassed leaders in communication devices such as cell phones, digital video recorders, and two-way phones.

This American multinational telecommunications company designs and sells home televisions, broadcast wireless networks, wireless voice networking products, and integrated circuits. 

Around 1996 when a new swath of frequency was making an entry in the USA for a 2-way radio network, Motorola was reportedly the foremost brand to pounce in the market by coming up with their FRS walkie talkies.

With its iconic model T250, it captured the market entirely. Since then, the brand is manufacturing all kinds of two-way radios for both personal and commercial usage. 

Motorola’s Specialty in Walkie Talkie Segment

Motorola’s two-way radios are an ideal solution for seamless communication needs. Motorola’s wide variety of models of handheld radios provide crisp, high-quality communications and are designed for reliability, functionality, and durability.

With numerous features like extended range, easy pairing large control buttons, the VOX and CTCSS, quality speakers, NiMH batteries, battery chargers, headsets, color LED indicators, etc., the brand delivers enhanced performance at an Affordable Price.

With brand Motorola, you don’t have to think about the other additional features you may need from your radios, like a simple set-up system, military specifications, and IP ratings for waterproof and dust-proof certifications.

These Motorola portable set of professional radio systems will let you communicate efficiently with your people and increase your productivity for various purposes. 

Most Popular Motorola Walkie Talkies

2. MIDLAND [Brand Best Known for Producing Easy to Carry Walkie Talkies]

Established in 1959 in Kansas City, Missouri, US, Midland two-way radios are Midland Radio Corporation products. For more than 50 years, the company manufactures, develops, and imports both consumer and business radios.

Midland has been offering affordable and quality communications products all over the world. The company became famous during the 1970s for its CB (Citizen-Band) radios.

With time, they have also become a leading producer of many high-quality communications products, like Bluetooth intercom systems, wearable action cameras, household electronics, and radio gear, including two-way radios- NOAA weather radios, Emergency alert radios, micro mobile, amateur radios, etc.,

MIDLAND’s Specialty in Walkie Talkie Segment

Whether you’re on a road trip, camping, cruising on the water, or hunting, Midland’s two-way dependable communication radios help you stay informed and connected.

The great line–up of GMRS midland radios gives you the range and power, making them ideal for communicating over rugged terrain and long distances.

Whether it is the X-Talkers, GXT, or the affordable LXT models, these radios include the trademark NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan.

It comes with pair of headsets with microphones, Auto Squelch, vibrating alert, and up to 50 channel scans, PTT Power Boost (Extends Range).

These midland walkie-talkies come with flexible power options to make your battery lasts longer than usual.

The add-on features are the distinctive feature of whisper mode and animal caller alerts. Again the radios are compatible with all other FRS and GMRS Midland radios. 

Midland creates good quality, extended range radios. Their low-end LXT models offer the best transmission range in the given price range, whereas the high-end Midland GXT two-way radios provide the rugged and extreme range and are feature-packed.

Midland walkie-talkies offer you peace of mind with their best quality and solid design while outdoors. 

Most Popular MIDLAND Walkie Talkies

Midland GXT1000VP4 -...image Midland GXT1000VP4 - 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio - Long Range Walkie Talkie with 142 Privacy Codes, SOS Siren, and NOAA Weather Alerts and Weather Scan (Black/Silver, Pair Pack) Check Price On Amazon
Midland – Handheld...image Midland – Handheld GMRS 50 Channel Two-Way Radio - Long Range Walkie Talkies with Rechargeable Batteries - GXT1050VP4 - Hiking Hunting Camping Gear – Boom Mic headsets - Mossy Oak Camo – Combo 2 Pack Check Price On Amazon
Midland T71VP3 36...image Midland T71VP3 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 38 Mile Range Walkie Talkie - Black/Silver (Pack of 10) Check Price On Amazon
Midland - LXT118,...image Midland - LXT118, FRS Walkie Talkies with Channel Scan - Extended Range Two Way Radios, Hands-Free VOX, (Pair Pack) (Black) Check Price On Amazon
Midland - LXT600VP3...image Midland - LXT600VP3 - Handheld Portable FRS Business Overlanding Gear Two Way Radio - Long Range Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Adults - 121 Privacy Codes, Weather Radio - Black (2 Pack) Check Price On Amazon
Midland – MXT400...image Midland – MXT400 - 40 Watt GMRS MicroMobile Two Way Microphone Radio - Off Roading Outdoor Boat Ranches Tractors Radio - 8 Repeater Channels NOAA Weather Alerts- Compatible GMRS Walkie Talkies Check Price On Amazon
Midland T290VP4 High...image Midland T290VP4 High Powered GMRS Two Way Radios Check Price On Amazon
Midland – MB400...image Midland – MB400 - Business Two-Way Radio - Easy to Program - Long-Range 16 Channels Coverage for up to a 350,000 Square Foot Warehouse Construction Hospitality and Event Management - IP67 Waterproof Check Price On Amazon
Midland 50 Channel...image Midland 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio - Long Range Walkie Talkie with 142 Privacy Codes, SOS Siren, and NOAA Weather Alerts and Weather Scan (Black/Yellow, Pair Pack) Check Price On Amazon

3. COBRA [Brand Known for Producing Latest Technology Walkie Talkies]

Founded in 1961 by Dynascan, it was later relaunched due to booms and bust economic cycles in 1993 in Chicago, as Cobra ELECTRONIC corporation. It is an American-based telecommunication company that has been in the industry for many years.

As the most trusted name, it is one of the best manufacturers of handheld radios globally. This American company changed the way people communicate with its invention of the CB (Citizen Band) Radio.

The company makes consumer electronics like cordless phones, answering machines, car stereos, two-way radios, and walkie-talkies.

All dynamics that the brand offers make them among the most admired walkie-talkies manufacturers on the market. Its CB radios are low-cost and require no license.

Although the CBR was arguably Cobra’s most significant success, it has continued to make waves in the world of radio communications with its durable two-way radio products.

COBRA’s Specialty in Walkie Talkie Segment

Having a reputation for being easy to use, compact, and providing crystal-clear communications, the most effective USP of the brand is that it allows for a warranty on its products.

The brand produces top-notch 2-way radios that have a variety of exceptional functions along with standard ones.

Apart from being price-friendly, the radios are lightweight, long-range, excellent battery life, etc. the gadgets are water-resistant, submersible, and can float.

The outstanding BURP feature throws water out of the speaker grill for clear communication in case of a water drop. The heavy-duty models are suitable for all survival purposes.

It comes with an instant NOAA weather alerts system and allows you to communicate effectively with Bluetooth technology.

Other add-ons are built-in GPS and Rewind- say –again feature that record and replay the last few seconds of a call.

Cobra is a trusted choice as a good disaster preparedness device suitable for all-terrain (both land and water).

Most Popular COBRA Walkie Talkies

4. Uniden [Brand Known for Producing Strong Signal Walkie Talkies]

Established in 1966, Uniden is a Japanese telecommunication company with reputable two-way radio brands. The company’s major commercial activities operate in Japan and United States.

It became popular in the 1970s with CB radios and their 900 MHz cordless telephones. The brand manufacturers, television satellite equipment, advanced marine electronics and radio scanners, mobile radios, walkie-talkies, and more.

The company is counted as one of the world’s biggest telecommunications brands and is known for quality products that meet the customers’ needs and expectations.

Their new line of radios like the GMR600 series is sure to please the buyers. They have managed to remain competitive with their right price and seamless connectivity in all conditions.

Uniden’s Specialty in Walkie Talkie Segment

Uniden GMRS/FRS Walkie Talkies keeps you interconnected with all advanced technology where ever you go- Camping, Hiking, Trekking, Road Trips, Etc. The brand propagates the vision statement of “Going places with the worry of cell coverage.”

Exclusive Features like group mode call let you make a call to anyone from your group while every other one’s radio remains quiet. The transmission range is pretty good and goes from 16 miles to up to 50mile.

The 2-way radios work on industry-based standard frequencies. The gizmos are weatherproof, are submersible, float on water, and are equipped with NOAA alerts.

These walkie-talkies have all other standard features like dual battery options, VOX mode, and numerous privacy channels. All Uniden models come with accessories like gear clips, earpieces, good battery support, and chargers. These radios are light to carry and are durable. 

Most Popular Uniden Walkie Talkies

5. Retevis [Brand Known for Producing High Performance Walkie Talkies]

Established in 2008, Retevis is a growing radio communication company. It manufactures some of the best wireless communications devices such as amateur radio, children’s radio, business radio, and outdoor radio, including accessories.

They have the expertise to deliver the best quality, design, and technology-driven walkie-talkies, widely used in all kinds of industries. Retevis 2 way radios have received certification from FCC, IC, ROHS, CE, JATE certifications, etc.,

The release of models like RT628 and H777 as children’s Radios and Business Radios in 2013 strengthens its market sales. It becomes a well-known brand among its already established competitors.

The company vision statement is based on pursuing Quality Assurance and Technology innovation. The company had started making its presence felt worldwide by putting up warehouses in the US, GB, AU, DE, IT, FR, ES, and NG.

Retevis’s Specialty in Walkie Talkie Segment

Brand Retevis is the best choice for group communication, both indoors and outdoors, as it is easy to operate. They are compatible with all other Retevis models when out of the box if all are working on the same channel.

These 2-way radios have fewer buttons but are equipped with multi-function. All devices in their product list are incredibly compact and slim.

Some of its unique features include Time out timer mode that helps in sharing channels among users and an emergency alarm alert that works even if the battery is lowest.

These pocket-sized mini-systems are easy to program with exceptional sound quality with auto volume adjust the level as per the environment.

The built-in quality is solid and durable. Every Retevis model comes with a six-way multi-gang charger with multiple charging protections.

Other impressive features and accessories included are (VOX)-voice-activated transmit, high-quality waterproof mic, durable belt clips, lanyard, large rechargeable battery, easy to disassemble and installation, an integrated antenna, and much more.

Most Popular Retevis Walkie Talkies

6. Baefong [Brand Known to Produce Value for Money Walkie Talkies]

Established in 2001 in China, Baofeng Tech is one of the best and renowned radio tech companies. For the past 20 years the brand aiming at creating value-added and innovative products.

Baofeng has some of the best radios for both personal use and commercial use like schools, hospitals or municipalities.

They deal in GMRS, LMR, MURS and Amateur Radio Models. The two -way radios do support Analog transmissions including: CTCSS, DCS, 2TONE, 5TONE, DTMF-Narrowband, and wideband and also support DMR digital transmissions including AES Encryption, with Tier I & 2 DMR.

The radios are popular because they are not only customisable and flexible but also affordable and versatile 

Baofeng’s Specialty in Walkie Talkie Segment

Extremely useful in emergencies like floods, earthquakes, and others, these baefong radios are reliable and tolerably well built.

The brand is obtained qualified certification in the US and EU markets. The design is portable and the gadgets have a transmission power of up to 8 watts.

All models run on license-free frequency (both VHF and UHF) and have an upgrade option of working on a wide band. The lock features benefit business users.

The 2-way long-range radios work in all kinds of terrains and duly supported by long battery life. The dual-band BaoFeng handheld radio has a hard exterior shell casing making it sturdy and durable.

Other attractive features are- Tri-color background light, VOX function, High and low power settings, time-out, and support of 128 memory channels.

Most Popular Baefong Walkie Talkies

7. Dewalt [Known for Producing Best Walkie Talkies for Jobsites]

Established in 1924 DEWALT product company is an American manufacturer well known for producing power tools and hand equipment – grinders, drills, drivers, blades, safety and protective work-wears, etc.,

The brand had very recently entered the 2-way radio segment with their heavy-duty Jobsite handheld radios.

All their present radio models are designed to use 22 FRS frequency band, which is license-free for both businesses and personal users.

Dewalts’ models are of high quality, sturdy and long-lasting devices. The company believes in the work ethics of sustainability. ie. less maintenance, cool running, good run-time, and low repair cost.

Dewalt devices are built on innovative technology and are engineered to move the industry forward.

Dewalt’s Specialty in Walkie Talkie Segment

Even though Dewalt radios are designed especially for tough Jobsite use, they are very productive for personal/home use or small workshop.

The brand offers the best lifetime warranty on their products also they back it up with excellent construction, build, and aftersales service.

These cordless radios are easy to use, have a really flawless range as advertised (up to 300000ft), and decent audio quality with clear communication.

The ergonomic design and bright yellow color are a plus. The large on and off buttons, weight, and compact size are loved by the working team. The rubber casket and rubber-covered PTT button make the device sturdy.

Also, the incoming call-vibrate feature is an add–on. All other standards feature like roger beep tone, key-lock, auto squelch, LCD, and sufficient battery backup are present. 

Most Popular Dewalt Walkie Talkies

8. Kenwood [Known for Producing Best Business Radios with Robust Design & Excellent Audio Quality]

Established in 1946, brand Kenwood is a Japanese company that had been absorbed into JVC Kenwood corporation in 2008. The brand has a good market share in consumer electronics.

After 2007, the brand started manufacturing amateur and professional two-way radios, transceivers, car audio, and home hi-fi systems, and other communications equipment.

The brand has a three-cornered vision stand-  High-quality, Advanced, and Sharpness.

With more than 30years of exposure in the U.S. market, brand KENWOOD amateur radio devices have become the top choice for every ham operators and business professionals.

Kenwood always comes out with market-driven products and is successful in addressing customer needs.

Kenwood’s Specialty in Walkie Talkie Segment

Kenwood two-way radios are built and designed as per specific industry needs.

The sound optimisation technology in their professional handheld radios had been developed to deliver clear and crisp sound keeping in mind the ambient noise within the factories and construction sites.

The products are ruggedly powerful and able to offer reliable communication that is important from the security point of view. Again these radios have an outstanding feature to switch automatically between analog and digital modes when needed.

This aspect allows any team to focus on customer service like in the hospitality segment.

Then there is the Multi-Site Trunking solution that offers coverage and capacity for quick call setup even when traffic is extremely busy. This feature helps in strengthening the efficiency even further.

Additionally, other features like long battery life, lone worker function, call interruption, hands-free operation etc., make the brand more popular among businesses.

Most Popular Kenwood Walkie Talkies

9. SAMCOM [Known for Producing Affordable Walkie Talkies with Effective Range]

Established in 2007, in Quanzhou China, Samcom radios limited has already made a mark and place in the telecommunication industry.

Samcom radio ltd, unlike any other Chinese company, doesn’t follow any hierarchical pattern. The company manufacture two-way radios & accessories, ham radios, walkie talkies, mobile radios and antenna communication system.

The company vision document is based on five attributes- simple, safe, satisfactory, superior and saleable. 

Due to continuous enhancement and innovative inclusions of technologies in its product, the brand had built a strong market share in the handheld radio segment.

Its user-friendly products had made it into a reputed and most sought-after brand, in a very short period.

SAMCOM’s Specialty in Walkie Talkie Segment

All Samcom products are based on the principle of simplicity and reliability. The convenient way to communicate is made possible by Samcom.

They produce ultra-high frequency radios with impressive range and channel options, apart from providing all standard features like PTT button, scanning, Vox, etc., that will enhance the experience of seamless communication when you are outdoors.

One of the nicest features is the Group call button that will send an instant alert to all group members irrespective of whatever channel they would be on.

The interior battery case is made up of metal which makes the Samcom radios durable.

Additionally, the value packs (set of 2 to 16) of Samcom are very economical. You can buy them for your family, kids, hunting, hiking, and various outdoor activities including warehousing, hospitality, and business needs.

Most Popular SAMCOM Walkie Talkies

Final thoughts:

Hopefully, this guide gives you crucial insights about the best brands and their respective top models in the two-way radio market. The above listed are the major players in this segment, and they all are here to ensure their presence intact in the global competition. 

A two-way radio (FRS & GMRS radio) is an essential gadget/device with several applications, especially in terrains where no mobile network signals and communication are urgent.

Even though the range-coverage is not the same as advertised by the brands, the suitability and utility cannot be downsized. That is due to natural obstruction.

These handheld radios are ideal for communicating between groups and family members in camping sites, survival activities, hiking trails, events, factories, and similar environments. Hence it becomes imperative for a user to understand how to search for a radio set that best suits all their needs. 

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