Radioddity DB20g Review [Reasons to Buy and Not to Buy]

The Radioddity db20g is a two-channel mobile long-range car radio with control buttons on one compact handset made to offer you more. The ideal two-way radio to use when you are on move.

The Radioddity db20-g is easy to set up and program. This radio will come in handy whether you’re going camping, off-roading, or Overlanding.

It contains nine customizable repeater channels to allow you to enter numerous frequencies to save time, as well as seven NOAA channels for weather alerts.

In this in-depth Radioddity DB20g review, we’ll look at the features, functionality, and specifics of the Radioddity db20-g mobile radio from Radioddity, as well as how it may be used as a base station at your house or business.

If you’re thinking of buying this radio, this will help you decide whether you should buy it or go with another option.

Customers say it is easy to program, install, and operate the Radioddity db20g mobile radio. It’s a UHF, VHF, and NOAA band scanner and receiver that’s great for camping, off-roading, and teamwork.

It includes a handset with integrated control buttons, a cigarette lighter plug for power, and bolts and nuts for a permanent installation.

The radio features a small and compact design that fits into the center console or hangs over the rear view mirror in the car, making it ideal for caravanning or road trips.

It can program 500 channels in both the 2 meter and the 70 cm bands.

However, you’ll need a GMRS operator’s license to operate it.

The high-powered radio can provide 20 watts of power, significantly higher than ordinary radios. This means it will be able to perform better.

Radioddity db20g rating and review

Its selling points include the ability to integrate with other GMRS radios, the ability to alter the channels on the base unit, and the ability to receive FM broadcast frequencies.

The sync display, squelch, voice activation, and repeater channels with varied CTCSS/DCS are just a few of the walkie talkie features. As a result, the Radioddity db20g mobile radio is an excellent user-friendly car walkie-talkie.

Specifications of Radioddity db20-g mobile radio

  • It has dimensions of 7.32 x 5.67 x 3.03 inches
  • A pack contains a USB programmable mobile radio and a control handset
  • Comes in black color
  • Weighs 0.45kg
  • Can output up to 20 watts of power
  • Has 500 channels
  • Operates at -20°C to +60°C
  • Operates at 13.8 volts

Radioddity db20-g mobile radio accessories

1. Speaker Microphone with Microphone holder: 

The Radioddity db20g mobile radio comes with a driver-friendly microphone and microphone holder to eliminate distortion and increase communication quality.

The microphones make controlling the radio a breeze. You won’t have to glance down or bother with the base to utilize the radio. This device allows you to control the radio while driving or riding in a car.

2. USB programming cable:

You can easily program the radio and change the channels with the programming cable. The programming cable is sold separately by some brands.

However, the programming cable for the Radioddity db20g mobile radio is included in the package.

3. 12V Car Charger:

You can keep the Radioddity db20g mobile radio charged and ready to use while driving with the car charger or cigarette lighter connector.

Unfortunately, it does not allow you to change the batteries, although they endure long and can be used in standby mode.

4. Mobile Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket is ideal for keeping your Radioddity db20g mobile radio secure in your car. You can mount the radio on your dashboard or next to your stop pedal to make it easier to operate.

5. Fuse

The radio has the potential to overheat but the fuse reduces the amount of heat that reaches the radio while it is being charged or used. This implies that the radio will last longer without breaking down.

Evolution of Radioddity DB20g Mobile Radio

Radioddity is a radio technology company specializing in Ham radios, CB radios, GMRS (Radioddity db20g) radios, and other radio accessories. Radioddity was founded in 2012 and has delivered radios to customers worldwide until now.

Radioddity db20g had some flaws when it was first released into the market, like the GMRS channels set to narrowband and having to reprogram the repeater settings.

Since then, the company has made constant changes to the radios to remove the flaws their customers complained about. As a result, the radio is quite efficient now, and the flaws are minimal.

Technical Capabilities of Radioddity DB20-G Mobile Radio

1. Frequencies

The GMRS frequency in the UHF, NOAA, and VHF bands is used by the Radioddity db20g mobile radio, giving it a wide range of coverage.

The Radioddity db20g mobile radio provides clear communication during open-air journeys, mountain climbing, on-road and off-roading trips, with frequencies ranging from 400MHz to 480MHz.

The radio can readily communicate with other GMRS-enabled radios. This allows you to communicate with someone who is using another radio.

2. Range

The Radioddity db20g mobile radio range is 20 miles in the open air and 10 miles on a mountain trail.

It can replicate a signal from seven miles away and connect to a repeater approximately ten miles away, making it ideal for reliable communication. However, topography and vegetation severely limit the range.

3. Battery

The Radioddity db20g mobile radio features a cigarette lighter connector for electricity. It can produce up to 20 watts of power with a DC power supply.

Unfortunately, the battery is not detachable. However, it can be charged by plugging it into the car. This implies that you can utilize it whenever you want.

Important Features of Radioddity DB20-G Mobile Radio

1. Squelch

The squelch feature helps increase the operating signal strength. Regular radios are unable to receive the right signals. The result is distorted or muted audio. The squelch feature gives quality audio.

2. Time out Timer

This feature will stop the transmission if the radio is transmitting long. For example, suppose the push-to-talk button is held for many seconds continuously. In that case, it will release a warning sound and stop transmitting.

3. Scan pause time

This feature allows you to repeatedly search a band without stopping each time on a busy channel or frequency with constant interference.

4. Adjustable Brightness

This feature is relatively healthy as it reduces glare on the eyes. In addition, you can adjust the brightness of the radio display, so it does not shine in your eyes while you drive.

5. VOX Delay

This feature stops the radio from deactivating anytime you pause while speaking. But, of course, this is a regular occurrence. So the radio circuitry cleverly factors this by including a delay, sometimes known as the hang timer.

6. 1 – 9 VOX

This feature is great for hands-free communication while using the radio. You do not have to look down or fiddle with the radio while driving. Instead, you can use your voice to make it work.

7. BCL (Busy Channel Lock)

This feature prevents transmission on a frequency that is already in use. You will not hear the other side transmitting using your receiver. This helps to avoid transmitting on a used channel until it is free.

Warranty and Support Radioddity DB20-G Mobile Radio

A one-year guarantee is included with the Radioddity db20g mobile radio. Under normal usage, the guarantee applies to products free of defects in materials and workmanship.

However, the guarantee does not cover accidental damage, misuse, abuse, vandalism, or natural disasters. In addition, to acquire the radio’s warranty, you’ll need evidence of payment.

Best Usage of Radioddity DB20-G Mobile Radio

Due to the high quality of communication, access to NOAA channels for weather alerts, and the long-range, drivers utilize the Radioddity db20g mobile radio for driving trips (on and off-road), camping, and Overlanding.

Drivers can use this gadget hands-free thanks to the VOX feature. During communication, the microphone also eliminates background noise. In addition, this radio allows you to stay in touch with your teammates while driving.

11 Reasons to Buy Radioddity DB20-G Mobile Radio (Pros)

We have seen how the Radioddity db20g mobile radio users found it helpful. This section will see why you should consider buying this radio.

  1. You have access to 500 programmable channels, 7 NOAA channels, and nine customizable repeater channels.
  2. You have the cigarette lighter plug for charging the radio. The radio can be used in the vehicle all the time.
  3. It has an excellent range of 10 miles on a mountain trail and 20 miles in the air.
  4. Comes with microphones to reduce distortion.
  5. It comes with a programming cable that is often sold separately by other brands.
  6. The display is nice and clear.
  7. You can delete or save a channel easily.
  8. It has 51 CTCSS and 1024 DCS privacy codes for clear conversation with people on the same channel.
  9. All the control buttons, speakers, and microphone is integrated into one handset, making it easier to operate.
  10. It has a sturdy build
  11. It has a good speaker.

3 Reasons Not to Buy Radioddity DB20-G Mobile Radio (Cons)

  1. The unit does not have an antenna for testing.
  2. You have to type all channel info by hand.
  3. Can overheat when using

Radioddity DB20g Manual

Although this walkie-talkie is simple to use, it comes with a manual/pamphlet that explains how to set up and install the radio.

In addition, the guidebook explains how to adjust or control the radio’s settings using the control handset. The complete manual is available on the company website.

Our Rating of Radioddity DB20-G Mobile Radio

Feature  Rating (0 – 10)
Value for money9.2
Build quality9.1
Easy to use8.0

The Radioddity db20g is worth its price according to what customers say. The radio has great build quality with a sturdy and compact design. It was made to be carried and fit into an amount of space.

The easy to use feature was rated 8.0 because some users claimed it was difficult to program and that the manual does not contain everything like how to easily switch between frequencies.

The radio is able to work effectively over a long range and id quite convenient to use.

Final Words:

  • Plug-and-play GMRS Mobile Radio|DB20-G goes well with all brands of GMRS radios and is capable to access the GMRS repeaters. It is a UHF, VHF, and NOAA bands scanning and receiver.
  • Unique Features|Differ from other GMRS microMobile radios, DB20-G can sync display channel name, frequency, channel number on the screen; Equipped with a driver-friendly microphone, integrated all control buttons into one handset, which made it easy to make adjustments with one hand on the go.
  • Long Range Talking|DB20-G easily reaches up to 20 miles in the open air, 10 miles on a mountain trail, and is very effective for camping/Offroad/Overlanding and being able to communicate with your crew!
  • 9 Customizable Repeater Channels|DB20-G comes with 9 extra empty GMRS repeater channels, allows you to program the GMRS repeater with the different CTCSS/DCS tones, which can easily access the repeater for dramatically increasing the talking range. It has 1075 Privacy Codes, keeps your conversation clear of interference from other individuals on that same channel.
  • What's in the Box?|DB20-G comes with a GMRS radio, speaker microphone, programming cable, 12V car charger, microphone holder, mount bracket, user manual and some assemble accessories.

You can either acquire the Radioddity db20g mobile radio or move on to the next radio at this point. Suppose you’re going on a road trip with your vehicle and need a radio with long-range FM channels and convenience.

In that case, this radio will be a great addition to your gear. You can choose another walkie talkie if you want a radio without a base or one that is designed for general outdoor use.

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