NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies Review [Reasons to Buy and Not to Buy]

When it comes to poor weather, walkie talkies are one of the greatest gadgets to have. When you’re outside, plans can change at any time. It’s difficult to predict what will happen in the world around us, and we must be quick to respond as things change.

The NOAA 2 Way radios walkie talkies with weather alerts were designed to help us prepare for harsh weather and adjust fast.

If you’re going on a personal or business trip outdoors, this gadget will be a great addition to your gear in the event of an emergency.

You can switch between 10 different channels provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with the NOAA 2 Way radios Walkie Talkies from Topsung.

You can check the weather with one channel and contact your family, friends, or team on another channel. In addition, you can receive weather alerts from the NOAA broadcast station if you enable the weather alert feature.

This review will look at the details, features, and functionality of the  NOAA 2 Way radios Walkie Talkies to see how well it performs. If you are thinking of buying this product, this will help you decide if you should buy it or go ahead with another brand.

According to confirmed customer feedback and personal experience, NOAA’s two-way radios are straightforward, easy to use, and efficient.

This device is recommended for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, boating, fishing, and skiing and comes in packs of four rechargeable walkie talkies.

You can also use it at work with your team.

It is more portable than most walkie talkies on the market and has various features, making it outstanding and ideal for any activity.

A blue, green, orange, and silver walkie talkie with a USB charger, earpiece, and strong batteries are included in each box.

NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies Rating and Review

Each walkie-talkie has a stylish and durable design. It has multiple channels and a long-range for outdoor use and long distances. It allows you to make long-distance calls with your teammates at the same time and keep connected all the time. 

The walkie talkies will send you alerts from the specified NOAA broadcast stations if the weather alert function is turned on. The fact that it features an in-built weather alert function, box-hand free gearbox, and auto squelch is its selling point.

The walkie talkie has many advanced features and functions that make it worthwhile. The auto-scan function, roger beep confirmation, voice activation, adjustable power, and access to 22 channels with customizable privacy codes are just a few features.

As a result, the NOAA 2 Way radios Walkie Talkies have higher ratings and are superior to other brands.

Specifications of NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies

  • Has dimensions of 10.71 x 7.48 x 2.95 inches
  • Contains four long-range USB rechargeable walkie talkies (NOAA)
  • Comes in blue, green, orange, and silver colors
  • Has access to 22 channels
  • It is waterproof
  • Weighs 1.9 pounds
  • 1800mAh rechargeable battery
  • Each walkie Talkie comes with an original USB charger, USB cable, battery, earpiece, and lanyard.

NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies Accessories

1. USB Charging accessories (Original Charger and cable)

The NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies include charging accessories to help you save money. You won’t have to change batteries that much with the USB charger, cord, and excellent battery.

Because the cable is constructed as a fork, you can charge all four walkie talkies simultaneously. In addition, the walkie-talkies can charge via a computer, a car charger, or a power bank.

2. Earphone with mic

For convenient box-hand-free transmissions, the walkie-talkies come with earphones with mics attached. The earphones are spherical and solid, so they precisely suit your ear, providing privacy and reducing noise and distortion.

3. Adjustable Lanyard

The lanyard allows you to carry and operate the NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies without using your hands. You may change the strap to fit your wrist or neck depending on what you’re using the device for.

In addition, the NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies have an iVOX mode that allows you to use them without removing them off your neck or wrist.

Technical Capabilities of NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkie

1.  Frequencies

The NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies use the Family Radio Service (FRS) Frequency in the UHF band, which means they have a wider range of coverage. This is convenient and ready to use at no additional cost. 

With a frequency range of 730 – 900MHz the NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies can be used for clear communication during sports such as hunting, skiing, mountain climbing, boating, fishing, and other outdoor experience.

In addition, the radios are already set up to connect the majority of compatible brands. As a result, you can converse with others as long as they are on the same frequency. 

2. Range 

NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies have a maximum range of 16-20 miles. This is possible in a mountain valley setting. Within a residential area, the range is limited to 1 mile, whereas over water, the range is increased to 4 miles.

The standard range will be lowered if you use the walkie talkie in an area with multiple ways or barriers.

The radios also offer an auto-squelch mode, allowing you to use them with other radios without programming them. The down part is that the NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies cannot travel through metal.

3. Battery

The NOAA two-way walkie talkies are powered by four 1800 mAh rechargeable batteries that can last up to 48 hours when used continuously.

An aluminum plate protects this high-capacity lithium-ion battery. As a result, you will save money because the batteries will not need to be replaced as frequently.

Important Features of NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie-Talkies

1. Auto power saver

When the walkie talkie is not in use, the NOAA 2 Way radios Walkie Talkies have an auto power saver that saves energy. This enables the conversation to persist for hours, even up to 72 hours.

2. Auto-scan function

This device includes the PMR auto-scan capability, which allows you to quickly and efficiently scan channels. With the NOAA weather alert, you can be informed of impending nasty weather a few minutes ahead of time and alert your team.

3. Auto Squelch system

The auto squelch system allows you to communicate with other members of your team as long as they have compatible radios. In addition, it eliminates background noise so you can have better conversations with any or all of your team members.

4. Auto low battery alert

This option also informs when the battery needs to be recharged when it is low. So, you can leave your radio on standby for days and still use it. This feature protects you from using a radio that isn’t working.

5. Auto memory function

The auto memory function on this walkie talkie allows you to preserve your settings even if the power goes out. The walkie-talkies are easier to set up with this feature.

The settings remain unchanged and can be readily altered if desired. This is an excellent fallback if you miss the auto low battery alert.

6. Durable material (ABS)

The NOAA 2 way radios walkie talkies are non-toxic ABS plastic with a solid design. It is light, but it can tolerate moisture, heat, and impact damage. This means your walkie-talkie will be able to withstand the wear and keep you safe.

7. Voice-activated (iVOX)

The walkie talkie can be used hands-free thanks to this feature. You can utilize the walkie talkie while working or carrying something else.

This enables voice activation and ensures stable communication without holding the radio or using the PPT button.

8. One to one/many communication 

You can communicate with everyone on your team at the same time with this feature.

In addition, the walkie talkie can communicate with other radios in its pack and compatible radios from other manufacturers. This means you can hear and speak with the person on the other end of the line without incurring any charges.

9. Easy to Operate

The NOAA 2-way radios walkie talkies are simple to operate, but they come with a manual that explains how to use features such as Roger beep confirmation, auto scan, keypad lock, drop-protection, adjustable power, auto power saver, auto-scan function, auto squelch system, auto low battery alert, and auto memory.

Best Usage of NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies

Men and women utilize the NOAA 2 Way Radios walkie talkie for outdoor activities and work in a controlled environment or huge areas.

Farms, residential buildings, huge neighborhoods, factories, and event management are possible applications.

This device can be used for these because of the excellent range that gives you clear reception, auto squelch system that removes background noise, the iVOX feature that allows you to use it with voice activation, and weather alert feature.

You can use the walkie-talkies to keep an eye on your children; based on the feedback we’ve received, parents thought this to be very beneficial.

14 Reasons to Buy NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies (Pros)

We have seen how other users found this device useful. In this section, you will see why you should consider buying the NOAA 2-way radios walkie talkies.

  1. It is very light and portable. Fits nicely in hand with a lanyard making mobility very easy.
  2. You can monitor ten weather channels provided by NOAA.
  3. It has a forked cable that allows you to charge all radios at once
  4. The battery can power the radio for more than 48 hours, which is quite impressive.
  5. It has an excellent range. You can hear over short and very long distances.
  6. They come with earpieces that ensure privacy and minimize distortion
  7. Very simple design and easy to use
  8. The display is nice and clear
  9. It can be used hands-free with the iVOX feature
  10. Sturdy build with strong usability, including the battery with heat resistant purposes
  11. It is affordable
  12. Has auto squelch, which helps the radio connect with other radios
  13. Can detect low battery with the auto low battery alert, which tells you when to recharge.
  14. It can withstand moisture.

3 Reasons Not To Buy NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkies (Cons)

  1. The radio can do a lot better with the designs of the earphones. They are too solid and hurt the ears.
  2. While it has excellent range, it can go static with minor obstacles.
  3. The strap is not that convenient for heavy-duty workers.

Our Rating of NOAA 2-Way Radios Walkie Talkies

FeatureRating (0-10)
Build quality9.1
Easy to use8.5
Signal strength8.6
Battery life9.2
Value for money9.3

Final Words:

  • 【Advanced Technologies】 : Join the millions who have chosen Topsung for communication that's reliable and clear. The super walkie talkies support many advanced features, such as Auto squelch system, Auto memory function, Auto scan function, Auto power saving, Low battery alert, Voice activated(iVOX), Keypad lock, Adjustable power, Drop-protection(ABS), 22 channel each with 121 privacy codes, Large LCD screen with backlight, Compatible with most brands' FRS devices, NOAA's Weather Emergency Alert
  • 【Effortless Operation For All Ages】 : Embrace simplicity with our user-friendly portable two-way radios, even for those new to walk-in talkies. No complicated procedures, quick setup ensures you're ready to communicate in seconds. Whether you're coordinating a camping trip in the Rockies, overseeing a large event, or simply staying in touch with loved ones, instant communication is always within reach
  • 【Long-Lasting Battery Life And Rapid Charging】 : Bid farewell to the hassles of frequent charging and replacing disposable batteries. Our high-capacity rechargeable batteries are leaders in their class for endurance, ensuring extended talk time while also caring for the planet. USB fast charging ensures you can power up your device anytime, anywhere, just 3 hours of charging offers you an impressive 48 hours of standby time, ensuring your adventures are never put on pause
  • 【Clear Conversations, Longer Distances】 : Say goodbye to communication barriers, and hello to clarity. The walkie talkies for adults boast an impressive long-range transmission and better sound technology, keeping you connected over vast distances when it matters most, ensuring uninterrupted, crystal clear sound even in noisy environments. Great for family & team engaging in various indoor or outdoor activities such as coordinating a festival or hiking through the mountains
  • 【License-Free Team Communication】 : No licenses, no extra costs, just push to talk, no matter how many people are involved. You can also use the included earpiece and mic set for private conversations, enabling communication with most brands's FRS two way radios, so you can coordinate like a pro. Great for event management, group outings, security, and leisure activities, these walkie talkies for adults ensure you stay connected and in control, hassle-free
  • 【iVOX Hands-Free Communication】 : Multitask like a pro with the iVOX feature for voice-activated chatting, keep your conversations flowing without pressing PTT button. Whether you're climbing, biking, working, managing kids, or navigating the urban jungle, our walky talky allows for easier, more efficient, and always enjoyable communication when your hands are busy, so you can stay focused on the task or the trail ahead
  • 【NOAA Weather Service Integration】 : Get instant NOAA alerts to stay a step ahead of the weather, even when there's no cell service in remote areas. Our walkie talkies offer NOAA's National Weather Service access, keeping you alerted on all hazards weather channels and updates. Whether the skies are clear or the weather turns severe, your family outings are safer and more enjoyable, with less worry about the unpredictability of nature
  • 【Complete Set for Instant Use】 : Unbox to find everything you need: rugged walkie talkies for all ages, original earpiece and mic sets for private chats, original USB charger for rapid charging, Y cable for simultaneous charging, high-capacity battery for extended communication time, belt clip and adjustable lanyards for ease of carry. Your one-stop communication solution is here, whether for work, play, or anything in between
  • 【Gifting Made Meaningful】 : Give the gift that speaks volumes. Our multicolor walkie talkies aren't just gadgets to differentiate roles at work, they're a gateway to building connections and shared experiences. They foster team spirit, ignite adventure, and provide endless entertainment, ideal for birthdays, Christmas, or any occasion that calls for a touch of adventure and the art of conversation, or as a thoughtful present to encourage togetherness in every family
  • 【Amazon Partner Recommended】 : Explore, connect, and thrive with Topsung's cutting-edge communication technology. Robustly designed and easy to use, our super power walkie talkies are Amazon Partner Recommended. ‘Great Value for Price’ walkie talkies (FCC ID: 2ACVFK-10B) are designed for peak performance and compatibility, ensuring you're ready for every conversation, everywhere. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind with Amazon prime service

This is sufficient information to help you decide whether to purchase the NOAA 2 Way radios Walkie Talkies or move on to the next product that better suits your needs.

This device will be a perfect addition to your outdoor or work gear if you want a cheap walkie talkie with a fantastic range and convenience.

On the other hand, you can choose another walkie talkie if you want a walkie-talkie with a shorter range, which can only be used for conversation and not for weather checks.

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